#TheKJWomanIsGood // Adrienne

#TheKJWomanIsGood // Adrienne - Kortni Jeane

Helloooo to all the amazing KJ fans and readers!

I’m so honored to be able to do a blog post!!!! A little about me, my name is Adrienne  and I am a Mama to four boys with baby number five on the way. With each pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and then worked hard to lose it, which resulted in a love/hate relationship with myself. I hated myself when I was “big,” even though I had just birthed a baby, a beautiful miracle in and of itself! 

The only time I liked myself was when I was losing weight. But if I slipped up would hate myself again. Last year I was in amazing shape and developed lots of confidence. But then with life circumstances I started to put weight back on, and then all those demons came back. 

We thought we were done with four boys! But surprise! We found out we were expecting again! At first all I could think was “what bad timing, I’m heavy right now!” But I quickly knocked those thoughts out and have just been enjoying my changing body. It’s a daily battle but it gets easier and easier. I know I will get into great shape again but in the meantime should I not participate in life?? Not swim with my kids? Not be in pictures? NO! I always tell ladies, get a cute bathing suit like a Kortni Jeane ;) and rock it! 

Life goes by too fast to not wear the bathing suit, make the memories, take the trip, be in pictures, or have fun because you think you don’t look “good enough.” Be confident! You’re beautiful and I promise you are your own worst critic. I look at all women that are in bathing suits enjoying time with friends and loved ones with admiration! 

Don’t be worried about what people think. And if people judge, that’s their problem because their opinions literally have no value in your life. 




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