The Life of a Swimmer

The Life of a Swimmer - Kortni Jeane
Picture this: you’re sitting on the beach {or in the hot tub} soaking it all in and wearing your Kortni Jeane swimmer. You’re giving your swimmer all the heart eyes because of its style, fit, and patterns + colors. But then you start to wonder, where did this swimmer come from? Before it was all mine, where did it start off? Well, we’ve got a swimmer tale for you! From start to finish, we’re bringing you the process of how your favorite swimmers come to life! Settle in, because you’re in for a treat! 
how Kortni Jeane swimmers are made
style designThe life of a swimmer begins at least a year in advance, if not more! First, Kortni grabs fabric, scissors, and just starts hacking away/sewing what she envisions. Using her unique creativity and skills, she’ll work to design and start the life of every swimmer -- styles, colors and prints included! Kortni may make a sample 2-3 times before giving it a style number and handing it off to our Fit Specialist. From there, our Fit Specialist creates the first official sample using Kortni’s style design. Together Kortni and the Fit Specialist ensure that each swimmer has a style number and a name! It’s all very exciting! And once our sample is just right it gets sent off to the Manufacturer.  
As soon as the Manufacturer receives the sample from Kortni, they get to work on the fit of the new style. They’ll send those samples back to us in order to ensure it meets Kortni’s vision for the swimmer. If it doesn’t meet Kortni’s expectations, our Fit Specialist sends feedback to the manufacturer so they can make the necessary adjustments, repeating this process until it is perfect + approved by Kortni. It can take months {sometimes even years} to get the swimmer just right! But once it’s approved, the swimmer can then be put into the style line-up for a future collection.
how Kortni Jeane swimmers are made
Simultaneously, Kortni works to put together an entire year's worth of collections. With the help of Graphic Designers and Artists, Kortni creates custom prints, which are curated into collections. Every pattern + solid color are physically sampled before the fabric is put into production to ensure all the coloring is on point. Patterns are typically printed on top of the fabric, while the solid colors are dyed before the fabric is weaved. 
Once styles and colors are finalized, it’s time to cut and sew! Sounds so simple but leading up to this point are months, even years, of sampling. Imagine large rolls of fabric undergoing a transformation into the beautiful and unique swimmers that you see on our site and social media platforms. It’s amazing to see what our Manufacturers skilled employees can do. It’s also important to Kortni Jeane that everyone involved in bringing our swimmers to life are treated fairly. This means that we make sure they are earning fair wages and working in safe conditions! The lives of people and our swimmers are a priority, so we don’t skimp on any part of the process - especially this one! 
how Kortni Jeane swimmers are made
Before anything is given our official stamp of approval each piece undergoes a final quality control check. If the piece is approved, the swimmers are shipped to the Kortni Jeane warehouse where we quickly {from our excitement} go to work unpacking those shipment boxes, do our own quality control check and inventory each piece. We organize the collection onto shelves by style, size, and print. This helps ensure we can ship your orders efficiently + accurately!
And this is where your swimmer lives before it arrives at your door to be loved!
how Kortni Jeane swimmers are made
Next up is a full day of shooting! With the swimsuits in our hands we go to work creating hundreds {and thats no exaggeration} of swimsuit combos for our models to wear, kids included! These are the photos that you’ll see on our website as soon as the newest collection is released. A lot of work goes into these shoots to ensure that you can see all the possible mix n’ match options that are available for the new collection. Photographer + models have to be contacted, accessories pulled, the backdrop selected, hair stylists booked, and that’s before the shoot even begins! We love sharing sneak peeks of the collection during our shoot so that all of you can start planning your next perfect combo!
website prep
As soon as the pictures from our photoshoot have been edited and delivered by our photographer, we get to work adding those pictures to our website. Not only does each picture have to be assigned to the correct style + color, but product descriptions need to be written, color swatches created, and inventory added all behind the scenes! That way once a collection is live our customers have as much information as possible to help them create their dream swimmer!  
how Kortni Jeane swimmers are made
launch day
As soon as the collection drops on our website and you hit that checkout button, we get to work to pull that swimmer you love, and package it in one of our cute KJ mailing bags! From there, we put our trust and your swimmer into the hands of our local postal service. FINALLY! After your swimmers long journey, it waits in your mailbox or on your doorstep until you open it! The life and adventure of your swimmer depends entirely on you! From tropical vacations, days lounging poolside, or nights spent in the hot tub, your Kortni Jeane swimmer is designed to make you both feel and look good! To ensure your swimmer has a long long life be sure to check out our blog post on how to care for your swimmer!
You and your swimmers lived happily ever after...
Did you know that the swimmer you have come to love and enjoy has been through so much before it even became yours?! That so much time goes by before it can even begin the actual production process?? There is so much attention to detail and personal love put into the creation of these swimmers. It’s important to us that every person that puts on a KJ swimmer, no matter age, race, body type, or background feels comfortable and confident in them, so we don’t skimp on any part of the process. If you have any comments or questions about the life of a swimmer, we would be happy to answer them! Just email us or let us know below! 
With love, xoxo
Kortni Jeane + Team


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