Swimmers on Deck

Swimmers on Deck - Kortni Jeane
One of our favorite things is to see the creative ways that our customers wear swimmers out of the water! Who knew that our swimmers could be so stylish, paired with non-swimmer pieces from our very own closet?! We decided to gather up our favorite styles we’ve seen {and hope to see} and share it for the world to see! Take a look! 
current favs
First, we are obsessed with this number by @marinaaafranco. Swing Tops paired with denim & the cutest clogs? How did we not think of this? It’s such a fun and trendy combo that we’re pulling out our swing tops quickly this summer!
Need protection from the sun year round? Why not mix our Wrap Top Rashguard into your wardrobe? For the perfect summer outfit, @lexbuff paired her Tulip Wrap Top Rashguard with high-waisted denim shorts. With an outfit like that, how could you not soak in summer nights?
If it’s not summer where you are, check out @kelseataylor's cute combo, our Black Wrap Top Rashguard with light denim jeans. I think we’ll all be wearing KJ swimmers year round with this look! 
We absolutely love our Tie-Up Tops and pairing them with cute pants, shorts, or skirts is definitely something we’re interesting in. @courtney_gracie  paired our Tie-Up Top in Tulip with the cutest white high-waisted shorts for her island adventure last year. The combo is so perfect, it’s magical! 
Alright, this next one may have been for a #kortnijeanehalloween costume, but it’s so cute we could definitely pull it off any time of the year! If you’ve got a Flounce top, whip it out and pair it with boho pants. This throwback look is cute, comfortable, and completely fun! Now where does one buy cute boho pants?
ruffled around top for vacation
Our next combo is perfect for shopping, boardwalk exploring, and basically any vacation you can think of. Kortni rocked the perfect vacation combo with her white Ruffled Around top paired with fun flowy pants. Make a similar combo yours and wear your Ruffled Around top any way that speaks to you!
Tied-Up top for vacation
Wait, is Kortni even wearing a swimmer? This cute outfit is made up of a grey Tied up Top with High Waisted flowy pants and it is to die for! Kortni is an expert at making swimmer and closet pieces into effortless combos. We’re taking notes for our next vacation! 
more ideas
Calling all tennis players, this one’s for you! We haven’t seen this one in action yet, but we’ve always thought that our Who Wears Short Skirts would make the perfect tennis outfit. Not only could you still store your tennis balls for practice, but you’ll look fabulous while playing your next match. I wonder what other sports you could use this skirt for...
Last but not least, we’ve heard that many customers use our Racer Back top as a comfy at home tank + sports bra. With a full line bust and shelf bra going around the body, this top works great for workouts. Yet so comfy that you could easily use it at home as well.
Well there you have it! Take your swimmer from the water to dinner by pairing your tops with skirts, pants & shorts! Sure looks cute and no one will even notice you’ve got your swimsuit on! Especially pair swimmers with closet items when traveling, it makes packing lighter + easier🤙🏼 What combo was your favorite? Which will you try next? Let us know below! Or better yet, tag us in a combo that you create! We need all the ideas we can get! 
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