Summertime is Party-time

Summertime is Party-time - Kortni Jeane
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool. Hangin' with friends outside of the pool.
Too far??  ;)
What we're trying to get at is that summertime is the perfect time for you to gather your friends, grab your Kortni Jeane swimsuit and b-line for the pool! 
You have to take advantage of this warm weather now, because it doesn't last forever!


Don't forget that we have men's swim trunks, too!







Location: Seven Peaks Resort 

Photographer: Brooke Stapleton // @brookestapletonphoto


Kaitlyn Towner // @kaitlynoelle

Erica Elizabeth // @erica.elizabeth.smith

Kiana Cena // @kiki.cena

Mallory Gifford

Jordan Carder // @jordancarder9

Tyesen Larsen // @tyesenlarsen

Kevin Miller // @kraykev


xoxo, Kortni Jeane + Team



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