Summer Hair Care Tips + Tricks

Summer Hair Care Tips + Tricks - Kortni Jeane
Summer Hair Care Tips and Tricks
When our hair is happy and healthy all summer long, so are we! But it’s not always easy to take good care of our hair in the face of environmental and weather conditions. Both humid and dry air can create disastrous hair conditions for anyone! Today we’re coming at ya with tips + tricks for taking care of your locks all summer long. But before we start, we want to tell you this: don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know what your hair will love unless you experiment with different solutions. Let’s take a look! 

Hair Tips for Humid Weather

If you’ve ever been to Florida or Hawaii and experienced the hot air of tropical summers, then you know that the heat and sun can create problems for your hair. Depending on your hair type, high moisture in the air can create frizzy locks, weigh your hair down, or even make your gorgeous curls droop. Even straight haired ladies have trouble holding curls in humidity! So after some research and helpful tips from various salons, we are coming at ya with hair tips for that hot and humid weather. It is totally possible to control your hair in those beautiful tropical climates! 

1. Moisturize Your Hair

If you tend to have frizzy hair, a great conditioner is going to be your best friend! Dry hair tends to absorb moisture from the environment around you - so the drier your hair, the worse frizz you’ll have. Conditioning your hair will actually protect it from humidity and eliminate frizz! Protect your gorgeous hair by nourishing it with a deep conditioning. You’ll be glad you did! 

2. Air Dry {Don’t Blow Dry}

The last thing you need in hot and humid weather is to dehydrate your hair even more! So don’t pick up that blow dryer! Instead, rinse your hair with cool water after washing it with moisturizing shampoo. This will help you to close down your hair’s cuticle and actually seal the pores. That way, the humidity can’t get in and ruin your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally and you’ll notice a big difference, without as much frizz and curl dropping.

3. Leave-in Conditioner

If you’ve never tried a leave-in conditioner, consider your life changed! Using a good leave-in conditioner at least once a week will help to restore lost moisture to your luscious locks. Most salons recommend products that promote anti-humectant properties, which means it will help stop hair from drawing that extra moisture out of the tropical air.

4. Leave Hair Long

If you’re about to go on vacation {or even if you live in a tropical place} consider keeping your hair long and layered. It can be so tempting to chop it when the weather is hot and humid, but if your hair is long and thick, adding layers will give you some movement so it feels less heavy. Plus, that weight of longer hair will totally prevent unwanted puffiness that shorter haired ladies often experience. Many people think shorter hair styles will make their lives easier in humidity, but what they don’t know is that shorter hairstyles will curl up {while the longer locks will keep their shape}.

5. Wear Your Hair Up 

If you need hair care that is inexpensive and super simple for your quick trip to the tropics, wearing your hair up is your solution! Make sure you always have a spare hair tie or a couple of clips with you. Because when all else fails, you can always tie your hair up and get it away from your face. Click here and here to check out different braids you can try and revamp your up-do hair game. We even recommend investing in Teleties, which won’t generally leave deep creases in your hair as you wear it up!

Summer Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Hair Tips for Dry Weather

We may be a little biased but nothing beats the west coast! However, gorgeous views come with a tradeoff: the western states are the driest states in the country. That means our ladies of the deserts work extra hard to keep their hair healthy and moisturized. If you are prone to dry, damaged, and even straw-like hair, today we’re coming at ya with tips for combating the dry climate! It’s totally possible to to control your hair in those adventurous desert climates

1. Lay Off the Heat

Not a lot of us realize that long-term heat use can dry out our hair, but it’s no real secret! Hair-dryers and hair styling tools {like wands, curling irons, and straighteners} can create what salons call a “flash drying” effect, which means they strip away the surface moisture, making the cuticle cracked and brittle. We recommend avoiding the use of heat for your hair styling in the summer season. But we get it! If you absolutely need to blow dry your hair, use a heat protectant spray and always use the “cool” setting on your hair dryer. Obviously it’ll take a bit longer to dry, but your hair will love  you for it!

2. Use UV Protection

We love desert sunshine, but it can seriously damage your skin and hair. The sun’s UV rays are harmful to the outer cuticle of our hair, and we’re all too familiar with the signs of sun damage: frizziness, split ends, and dry + brittle strands. To protect your hair, consider wearing a cute summer hat, rocking headscarves, or even investing in UV protection spray. Similar to applying gentle face sunscreen every day, you really shouldn’t leave the house without a spritz of UV protection for your hair. It may seem like a pain, but it will help your hair look shinier and healthier a lot longer! We’ve linked some highly recommended sprays here and here.   

3. Deep Condition Weekly

Conditioning hair masks only take 15-30 minutes and they are so beneficial for your hair’s long term health! First of all, try making it part of your weekly routine to give your hair a deep conditioning hair mask. They repair your hair strands from the inside out and even seal in moisture. We’ve recently learned from salon owners that it’s best to alternate between protein-building hair masks and moisturizing hair masks to keep a healthy balance. If you’ve never tried either, now’s your chance! The best part? You can DIY with both of these masks using ingredients you may already have around the house. 

4. Use Hair Oils

Fun fact: your hair already produces its own oils. But they could always use a little reinforcement! By using a daily hair oil that moisturizes and strengthens your hair follicles, you support healthy hair as a lifestyle! You can apply hair oil to split or broken ends to minimize frizz AND to freshly dried hair to smooth it down. Either way, we love it! The best way to apply hair oils is to comb it gently through your clean and damp hair after a warm shower. Honestly, experiment to see what your hair likes the best! Everyone’s hair is different so you’ll have to play around with it or talk to your personal hairdresser. Make sure you don’t apply oil too close to your scalp or right before bedtime {unless you want an oily pillow}!

5. Get a Humidifier

Last but not least, we recommend beating the dry air with a humidifier! If you use a humidifier in your room as your sleep, your skin and hair will get that moisture it’s lacking outside. This will help reduce summertime allergy symptoms too! It’s a win-win! Humidifiers are on the market for less than $40 so it’s a small investment with big returns on your healthy hair. We definitely recommend treating yourself to one! 
Well there you have it! We know our incredibly supportive KJ community comes from all around the world, which means we all face different environmental challenges to our daily hair care. We hope our tips and tricks for healthy hair in both humid and dry climates have been beneficial. What else do you do to keep your hair healthy? What challenges do you face from where you live? Let us know below! 
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