Suit Up: Palmer Family

Suit Up: Palmer Family - Kortni Jeane
Have you been living your best life this summer and SUITING UP?!
A swimsuit is the least amount of clothing we wear in public and it’s form fitting, which can make one feel exposed. Now’s the time to make a conscious effort to put the swimsuit on and join in on the fun! Join Kashia and her family as they commit to #KJsuitup. 
Kashia personally likes to be more covered and feels like she’s always covered with any style of KJ! Check out Kashia’s video below and don’t be surprised if you walk away from it feeling empowered by her commitment to suit up with her littles! 
We are all different and that is amazing! Let’s empower and cheer each other on as we all suit up + join in on the action + create memories! 
Kortni + Team


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