Suit Up: Knudsen Family

Suit Up: Knudsen Family - Kortni Jeane
Did you hear?! For the month of June, we’re celebrating and hearing from real women as they SUIT UP! A swimsuit is the least amount of clothing we wear in public + it’s form fitting, which can make just about anyone feel exposed. Join Ally this summer as she makes a conscious effort to put the swimsuit on and join in on the fun! 
After having her second baby, Ally would try not to swim all the time because she didn’t feel comfortable in her swimsuit. But her kiddos love to swim {and to eat chick-fil-a} so Ally found her way back into the water with them! But don’t take our word for it, check out the Knudsen family in the video below! 

Not only will putting on the suit leave you feeling empowered, but you’ll in turn empower women around you to do the same. Allow yourself to let go, give in, and let your light shine! 

Kortni + Team


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