Alison's Shell Yes!

Alison's Shell Yes! - Kortni Jeane
The Kortni Jeane Team went to party of all parties, The Alison Show's Shell Yes! It was an all-girls mermaid themed dance party complete with everything you'd find under the sea...Mermaid Juice (aka. Sodalicious), a 5-foot clam, Lularoe Lagoon, Merbabe Food (aka. Vida Acai), dancing sharks, and Shark Bait (aka. boys that did anything we asked them to)! The Shark Bait was especially tempting because they were in Men's KJ Swimmers...scrumptious! I guess you could say Kortni Jeane made quite the splash at this party. 
The real magic came from Miss Alison herself who put together the funnest party Utah has ever seen. She is the craziest, most spontaneous mermaid that had tricks up her fin the whole night. She is super personable, and wanting to meet and take pictures with all of her fellow mermaids (and that was at least 750 girls)! This girl is a blast. If you want to know what we mean check out her blog and follow her on Instagram.
Anyways, we couldn't withhold these pictures from you guys...they're just too good! Check 'em out!
All images by Trevor Christensen
Kortni Jeane + Team


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