Pretty in Peplum

Pretty in Peplum - Kortni Jeane
Let's get real. At some point in our lives we have probably struggled to some degree or another with having a positive body image. Whether that was comparing ourselves to others or whatever it may be, we are doing ourselves an injustice in doing this. Instead we should learn to love and talk positively... to ourselves. We can be our own biggest critics so instead of critiquing all of our "flaws" we can learn to embrace and love who we are. It may be easier said than done, but it is so so possible!
The reason for this rant was because of how inspired we were by Hannah Morrison of The Cake by Hannah's blog post. In it she discussed her insecurities and how she was able to overcome them. She said, "Over time I have found such a confidence in exactly who I am exactly as I am. I am a firm believer in positive self-talk. If you don't have a group of friends surrounding you who talk positively about themselves and others, then it might be time for a new crew." Yes Hannah YES!!! Let's work to build each other up, let's refrain from shaming, and learn to love what we got! 
And look how cute she looks in this suit! We are big fans of the sweetheart peplum over here and with the oranges bottoms... straight up magic! You guys, Hannah is so kind and amazingly sweet. Her blog is so real and refreshing and we highly recommend going over there are reading her posts. I mean we REALLY recommend it. 

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