@mikobowen Poolhouse Photoshoot

@mikobowen Poolhouse Photoshoot - Kortni Jeane

 Kortni Jeane + @mikobowen Poolhouse photoshoot

The Jungle Collection poolhouse photoshoot

We headed to the dreamiest pool house for our Jungle Collection styled photoshoot! We discovered @mikobowen through Instagram a couple of years ago and fell in love with her indoor pool! As an incredible interior designer, she's since remodeled the place into the perfect modern pool house and we just HAD to take a dip!

Kortni Jeane + @mikobowen poolhouse photoshoot

We worked with @brittanynikolephoto to get these stunning shots and even at eight months pregnant she was killing it! She did an incredible job capturing the gorgeous colors and the fun vibe of this shoot. I mean aren't these colors to die for? The blues and greens of the pool go perfectly with bright colors and patterns in The Jungle Collection

Kortni jeane poolhouse photo shoot

And don't you worry, we had pool floats out of our ears! We brought along some of our favorites including our monstera leaf float, turtle float, palm tree island float, and our fun patterned and striped chair floats. We're wild for pool floats over here, so were even used Miko's swan float to top off our collection. And let's be honest...it's pretty hard to be graceful on a pool float, so you can imagine the laughs we had over that! In the end, our models had loads of fun coming up with new creative poses while holding their balance on the water.

Kortni jeane pool house photo shoot

Our jungle leaf photos turned out perfectly! There's some behind the scenes teamwork going on here that you just have to take a peak at. Check out Brittany Nikole's Instagram post to see how it really does take a team to create fun photos like these ones! We're really all just cheerleaders on the sidelines for our darling models!

Kortni Jeane pool house photo shoot

The Bowen kids also joined us for a dip in the pool in their new KJ swimmers. We are loving our Rainbows and Burnt Lime swimmers on them! They're a lucky family to have an indoor pool with Utah's unpredictable weather. Who thinks we need one in the new KJ offices?!

Kortni Jeane + @mikobowen poolhouse photoshoot

This brings us to our final surprise: pineapples, pineapples, pineapples! We just can't get enough! Since the secret is finally out, we're SO excited to show you all of our pineapple photos! This month is Kortni Jeane's 5th birthday and we're celebrating BIG! Five years in business is a huge deal, so we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to release our very own special edition birthday print! The pineapple print is available for a limited time only and we'll be celebrating over here by snacking on pineapple and throwing lots of parties! Keep your eyes open @kortnijeane to see what other fabulous birthday celebrations we have in store and watch this video for a behind-the-scenes peak at one of our favorite photoshoots to date:

Kortni + Team


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    I can’t tell for sure. But, if the daisy is a cut-out it would make for a fantastic tan line.

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    Again, I like the mint bowls a lot.

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