Men's 2019 Gift Guide

Men's 2019 Gift Guide - Kortni Jeane
Sometimes the hardest people to shop for are the men in your life, so we did the shopping for you! Whether you're looking for your significant other, your best friend, or your dad, these gifts are classic, simple, and thoughtful for each and every man on your mind. Check out the details here:

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1. Kortni Jeane Men's Retro Shorties

Our newest style of the year for men is our Retro Shorties and they are comfy comfy! The retro shorties have both an elastic waistband and drawstring tie in front to allow stretch and flexibility in their fit. We highly suggest these for men with thicker thighs and hips because they are less restrictive than regular trunks. The piping detail on the bottom adds a little retro feel so your man can also have a unique and stylish look. These are a must for men who love to play care free!

2. Thread Wallets Bifold Wallet

Thread Wallets have been our go-to wallets for years now, and for good reason! This bifold wallet fits conveniently in your pocket without too much bulk. The elastic card holder inside is easy to fit cards into and is built to last along with the durable leather.

3. 21 Rhinos Personalized Tie

We love this unique tie company because you can personalize the ties to be special for your man! You simply choose the style and color of tie you'd like, upload a photo, and viola! It's a tie like no other with special meaning behind it. Whether you put a photo of your family, your dog, or a note you wrote him, it's the perfect little something that will stay with him every day and through the years.

4. Allbirds Tree Toppers

Is anyone else happy about the sneaker trends this year? They're just so comfy and we can't get enough! Allbirds Tree Toppers are breezy and we'd even dare to say they'd go with anything!

5. Nena & Co. Leather Mateo

Another perfect bag from Nena & Co, but this time for men! 👏🏻 This Leather Mateo makes the perfect travel case. Made from the highest quality of leather, this bag not only lasts a lifetime, but also supports craftsmen and women who hand make these products.

6. Primally Pure Mini Beard Oil Pack

Sometimes men don't like to show it off, but they love a little self-care! If your man likes to grow out his scruff, this will keep him feeling fresh. Plus, it can travel with him wherever he's headed. Whether he packs it in his carry-on for vacation or in his briefcase for work, it'll always be on hand for a little fixing up.

7. Taft Rome Boot

 If you're looking to invest in some formal boots for your man, these are the ones! Their created from high-quality leather and are built to last. The best part? The can be worn with formal attire or business casual. Whatever the outfit, they'll add that extra something to help your man feel ready for anything!

8. Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses

 Everyone needs a good pair of blue light glasses, especially if their job involves lots of screen time. They help you avoid headaches caused by screen lighting and cause a lot less irritation to your eyes. You'll be grateful you have them and won't want to go back!

9. Bug-a-Salt Fly Gun

I bet you weren't expecting this one were you? Never heard of it? This gun uses regular table salt as a deadly weapon against those pesky flies. It's a gift that will make everyone laugh! Believe me, it comes in handy but it can be very entertaining. The next time you're trying to sleep and there's a fly in the room that won't stop buzzing, the hunt is on with this gift!

10. Creminelli Salami Minis

These addicting little snacks are packed with flavor! They're the kind of thing you'll be happy to have in your desk drawer to get you through the day. The best part? They're packed with protein, so they're not only delicious, but they fill you up and help you meet your protein quota for the day. You'll want to try all of these delicious flavors!

11.  Loopy Cases Teakwood Phone Case

Our favorite phone case company just keeps getting better and better! This Teakwood phone case is our current favorite for men, but there's also several other colors and patterns to match your taste. This version, the Loopy Max is drop tested and offers the most protection, so what are you waiting for?

12. Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

We're making the switch to non-toxic products because it truly makes a difference! Once you learn the hazards associated with drugstore deodorant, you'll want to make the switch. Primally Pure deodorant uses a touch of baking soda to combat smell and bacteria along with other natural ingredients to keep you feeling fresh and clean without chemicals effecting your skin. This Charcoal Deodorant goes on clear and is a much better long-term solution to avoiding body odor.

That's a wrap! Check out the rest of our gift guides to get inspired and find the perfect gifts for this year. We've got lots and fantastic brands that have everything you need to make this year's gift giving thoughtful, useful, and memorable. Until next time, happy shopping!


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