Make a Friend Day!

Make a Friend Day! - Kortni Jeane
Did you know February 11th is Make a Friend Day?! Happy Make a Friend Day! Where would we be without our friends?! There’s something beautiful about finding someone you enjoy spending time with and who compliments your own personality and life. Friends help us out when we need them and even help us dive into new experiences. Celebrate National Make a Friend Day with us and put the following tips + tricks into action! 
Always always always be yourself! You are amazing, wonderful, and beautiful as you are, so there’s no need to change yourself to make new friends. When you are 100% yourself potential new friends will know you as you, and there will be no question of your genuinity. Do things because you want to, approach others genuinely, and be who you want to be. It’s all about being YOU! Besides, the truest friendships are built when both sides accept each other for who they are. 
The first trick to making new friends is realizing that any fear you’re feeling is in your head. Meeting new people seems scary when we’re worried about making a good impression, whether they’ll like us, if we’ll be able to keep a conversation going. The more we think about it, the scarier it gets! But here’s the real truth: they are just as worried as you are. If you think about it, we are all concerned about first impressions, being liked, and conversations when meeting new people. Even if there are people who will judge you based on what you do or say, do you want to be friends with them? We think not! 
If you’re out of the habit of socializing, you don’t need to meet a whole bunch of new people right away! Start small first by reaching out to acquaintances, seeing if there are any established groups of friends you want to join, getting to know a friends’ friend, or accepting invitations to go out. When we lower the difficulty of a task, it becomes far less intimidating. You have to step out of your comfort zone no matter what, but you can definitely start small. 
Sometimes when it comes to friendships, we fall into preset notions on the kind of friend we want. Whether that’s someone who is understanding, has similar interests, watches the same movies, or has a similar background. And when we meet a person who differs from our expectations, we then close ourselves off. Instead, be open-minded and give the friendship a chance to blossom! Some of the best kinds of friends come from totally different backgrounds. You may just find someone you get along with extremely well when you open your mind and your heart to them!
Although it’s not easy, maintaining new friendships takes authentic effort, on both sides. There’s no need to meet up every day (unless you both want to and have that kind of opportunity) but asking your friends out every once in a while goes a long way. When you make the effort to stay in touch every once in a while, you’ll stay connected and be there for each other when needed. Arrange for simple lunch or dinner dates, catch up over a phone call, or invite them to some kind of group outing. It will take effort but you’ll be glad you made it. 
Interacting with new people is awesome! Celebrate National Make a Friend Day by stepping away from social media and finding new friends to socialize with in person! Which of these tips did you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments if you give them a shot and make a new friend! {Then you can buy matching swimmers together!}
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