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Magical Winter Date Ideas - Kortni Jeane
winter date ideas
Love is in the air! We’re not sure if it’s the cold weather that leaves us wanting to snuggle or the romance found in Hallmark movies, there’s definitely love in the air during the winter months! We’ve come up with a list of ten magical dates that will definitely put love into your winter days. Take a look and set a date! 

See Local Holiday Lights

It's a great way to stay socially distant, and it's magical as can be. There are many places decked out in Christmas lights that are waiting to be explored, whether it be parks, town squares, or neighborhoods. For a list of the best places in Utah, check out our Christmas Lights blog post! So get some hot chocolate, blankets, and a date for this perfectly magical night.  

Make a Gingerbread House

When’s the last time you made a legit gingerbread house? You can splurge on a store-kit with pre-made gingerbread OR you can adventurously make the gingerbread cookies from scratch! Totally up to you! A gingerbread house is a classic winter staple and constructing one as a date activity can be a great way to get to know your partner.

Go Christmas Shopping

Hear us out. Christmas shopping can be crazy stressful, but imagine turning it into a date! Head to the mall or your favorite boutiques with your date, get to know each other as you walk around looking for treasures and get your errands done all at the same time. It’s a win-win! Plus, depending on where you’re at in your relationship, this would also make the perfect outing to drop hints to your partner about what you want for Christmas. 

Go Indoor Skydiving

Cold weather and a fear of heights can’t stop you from trying extreme sports! Indoor skydiving is a great date. You’ll be floating in a skydive simulation and feeling just as exhilarated as jumping out of an airplane. It’s such a unique experience that it’s sure to make for a lasting memory. Definitely a date you’ll talk about for months!

Go Ice Skating

Dress warmly and follow the lead of your favorite Hallmark movie couples by going ice skating! If you can find an outdoor skating rink, we encourage that over an inside rink for ultimate winter magic. You’ll have your pick of scenery and will be able to layer up in your cute winter attire. Hold hands as you float around the lake (or rink)! Whatever works for you, just have fun and enjoy a magical turn around on ice skates. 

Winter Date Ideas

“No Power” Date Night

Remember those times when the power went out and the memories you built working with what you had?! Well, you don’t have to wait for the power to go out to make a fun date night! Cut the lights, avoid appliances, light some candles or a fire and enjoy each other’s company. You could even try to cook dinner together without modern appliances and see how fun it is (see how it goes). Oh, that means no phones too! Time to focus on your partner without distractions!

Go Sledding

Sledding is probably the best winter activity out there! You’re guaranteed to have fun with your date. You can’t sled without smiling and laughing (and maybe crying if you wipe out). I mean, newly fallen snow practically begs to be sledded in! So grab sleds for each of you (or get cozy on one sled) and whisk down those hills for a magically fun winter date!

Make Snow Art

Snow is your canvas and you can get as creative as you want! Use spray bottles filled with water and food coloring as your palette. Spray out winter favorites, like Santa or Christmas trees or grand romantic messages to each other. Have fun with it and enjoy letting your imagination run wild! It’ll be a date worth remembering.

Volunteer Together

Nothing brings you and your date together like serving together. Giving back to your fellow man (or animals) helps them get through the winter season and helps you remember the bigger picture. Dates like these are a great way to open up deeper conversations and develop even more intimate relationships. So whether it’s your third or 100th date, have fun doing good together!

Hot Chocolate Taste Off

You actually have two ways you could go for this one! First, you could drive around to different restaurants to rate their best cups of hot chocolate. Just order what sounds good and make a note on your phone of taste and presentation. OR you could make 5-6 different flavors from scratch together and rate which one tasted the best. Either way, you get more than one treat and a fun date night for the books. 
Winter really is a season for great dates! There’s something especially romantic about having these cozy dates with your partner {or potential partner}. Get creative and try these possibilities, but don’t be afraid to make them your own! For more winter activity ideas that you could easily turn into magical dates check out our Fun Winter bucket list! Which date will you try next? Or what are some dates we should add to the list? Comment below!
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