Love Letters Photoshoot 🦋

Love Letters Photoshoot 🦋 - Kortni Jeane

There's a new pop up exhibit in Salt Lake City and we had to be one of the first to check it out! Love Letters is a colorful and playful art exhibit exploring letters and words through art. This interactive exhibit was the perfect spot for a little KJ fun! Our Limitless Collection swimmers were made for this magic and we bet you can guess what our favorite part was... 🌈

Love Letters photoshoot

Love Letters is all about capturing the creativity offered to us by letters, words, and books, so we wanted to capture Kortni Jeane's creativity alongside the work of some of our greatest local artists. For us, mixing and matching our favorite colors and patterns brings out our creative spirit. We're all about having fun with every chance we get and never taking life too seriously, so this exhibit really brought out our playful side!Love Letters photoshoot

This exhibit is full of unique photo ops, with hidden gems around every corner. You can climb through a frame into a miniature art exhibit put on by Tiny Art Show, slide on a giant open book, and jump into the mass of shredded rainbow paper. These immersive activities are great for all ages so whether you're a kid or an adult that wants to play like a kid, this place is your next must-see destination.Love Letters photoshoot

Love Letters is available for a limited time at The Gateway in Salt Lake City. Get your tickets now so that you can experience the magic! It closes September 14th, so don't miss your chance! Check out @lovelettersmuseum to see what else they have in store for you. You're sure to be inspired to create something of your own from this fantastic art exhibit!
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