Kortni's Closet

Kortni's Closet - Kortni Jeane
Kortni has ransacked her closet and is now selling her gently used and even brand-new clothing, shoes and accessories over at @KortnisCloset on Instagram!
If you know anything about her swimsuit obsession, then you can assume the same when it comes to clothing. Kortni said that she gets attached to her clothing, so it's been hard letting go of some of the items! But a little spring cleaning {even in November...} is good for everyone especially because all of YOU get to partake in the splendor!
With her sisters and friends, Kortni kicked off @KortnisCloset with a clothing sale hosted by Good Thyme in Provo, Utah. 


 If you are needing to add some new staples to your closet, be sure to check out @KortnisCloset on Instagram. New items will be added weekly! 



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