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Kortni Jeane Hacks - Kortni Jeane
Everyone loves to get more bang for their buck, which is why we’re here to fill you in on some sweet Kortni Jeane hacks! From swimwear to accessories, Kortni Jeane is going beyond swimming and summer. Take a look at some of our products that are great to have all year round and at multiple locations. Feast your eyes! 

Lip + Cheek

  • Effortless makeup that makes it look like you know what you’re doing
  • Adds a pop of color to your face after a dip in the pool
  • Pack lighter with one stick of L+C instead of bringing ALL of your makeup
  • Use Toasted as a bronzer

Ruffled Around Top

  • The perfect top for dinner (even if you’re not swimming that day)
  • Pack lighter using this top for swimming + day to day wear
  • Perfect top for summer, fall, or spring with four different ways to wear it (over the shoulders, off the shoulders, over one shoulder, as a bandeau top)
  • Pairs perfectly with jeans, shorts, flowy pants, and even overalls

The Backpack

  • Perfect transparent bag for concerts or sporting events
  • Transparent airport check-in helps TSA get you through a bit faster
  • Constant visibility into everything you’re caring means never worry about losing things
  • Easy to clean when an inevitable mess strikes (as they always do)
  • Great conversation starter that says you have nothing to hide + love Kortni Jeane

High-Waisted Skirt

  • Doubles as a tennis or golf skirt so you don’t have to spend more $$
  • Follow Kendall Jenner’s lead with athletic skirts and pair these beauties with a graphic tee or denim jacket
  • Swap for shorts for even more comfort and flexibility in your day to day wear
  • Sport these bottoms for hiking, playing, or power walking in style

The Tote

  • Not just a beach bag! Use The Tote as a carry-on for your next flight
  • Works great as an activity bag for picnics or church services
  • Use The Tote to hold all your snacks on your next road trip
  • Frequent a laundromat? The Tote will fit all your laundry + make it easy to carry 
  • Get festive and use The Tote for trick or treating
  • Makes a great day bag for working ladies, busy mama's, and everything in between


  • Use these bad boys like packing cubes for your next trip
  • Fill your pouches with all your diaper bag needs, to keep things organized + divided
  • Start your period early or baby have a blow out? Throw the mess in a pouch until you get home
  • Store your collections inside a pouch, like headbands, makeup, cute stationary, or your treats that aren't for sharing.  
Talk about getting the most out of Kortni Jeane! From concerts to hiking and from makeup to style, we’ve got you covered across the board! We hope you’ll take Kortni Jeane to new places that don’t always include water activities (although, we definitely suggest squeezing in a hot tub session or a dip in the pool on every occasion). What other hacks do you have with our products? Let us know in the comments below!  
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