Meet Sarah - #KJiloveme

This is Sarah.

She's 26, a mother to 5, a wife. She is a blogger over at The Dainty Pear.
Sarah was 7-weeks postpartum for this photo/video shoot. She was radiant and glowing, and one hot mama!
One thing that we loved about Sarah is that she had the cutest smile on her face the entire day. She always seemed genuinely happy and it was so refreshing!
Watch her interview below:
 #KJiloveme #forallbodytypes
Video // Paige Mosman
Photography // Brooke Stapleton
Kortni Jeane + Team


Get it, Sarah! Love following her Insta. She looks gorgeous!

Leslie October 16, 2017

Sarah is amazing! Love her insta and blog! She keeps it real!

Burlene October 15, 2017

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