Meet McKenzie // #KJILOVEME

Meet McKenzie // #KJILOVEME - Kortni Jeane
McKenzie Bauer is a 26 year old mom to the sweetest little girl, and a total girl boss! Her and her husband own a rad company called Thread Wallets, and you better believe every girl in the KJ office totally rocks a wallet of their own! McKenzie inspires us to be more confident in who we are and being an example to our own children (or future children). Watch the video below to learn what McKenzie believes beauty is, and what she sees when she looks in them mirror.
I know you fell in love with McKenzie as much as we did, so here is a little more about her!
What size are you typically?
What is your favorite KJ Swim Top?
Scalloped top and Circle Back Top
What is your favorite KJ Swim Bottom?
Cascade Bottoms because they're dainty, but not overly girly!
What do you wish you could tell your younger self?
Be you, and do you, and have fun because those days go by so fast!
Kortni Jeane + McKenzie


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