Meet Amelia #KJILOVEME

Meet Amelia #KJILOVEME - Kortni Jeane
Amelia Kersey is a 25 year old mom of two adorable blonde boys, vlogger, and South London native. She captures videos of her everyday life spending time with her boys, house renovations, and supporting Autism Awareness. Not only are we swooning over her accent, but we love her honesty and her ability to be so genuine. Watch her video below to learn how she learns to love her self and her body more as she has found herself since moving to America!
What to learn a little more about Amelia? We thought so!
What size are you typically?
Small top, Small bottoms
What is your favorite KJ swim top?
Latter Back top
What is your favorite KJ swim bottom?
High Waisted Bottoms
Why do you think it is so much easier to think of what you dislike about yourself rather than what you love about yourself? What do you think women can do to change that mentality?
I honestly and truthfully feel that us as women are so fast to criticize ourselves before we see the beauty. I think that it comes from the fact that we compare ourselves to so many people whether its on social media, whether its our friendship group, we are so quick to compare before we see the beauty within ourself. Honestly the only way that can change is by us women supporting one another and if we hear someone saying something negative about themselves, change that and just give them a compliment or say, "Hey! Now say 5 amazing things that you love about yourself." I think if we can change the way we think, the world will be incredible and us women will absolutely love being ourself and not afraid to share that and show that.
If someone else were to describe you, what would they say?
I would hope they would see that I enjoy seeing the beauty within myself and then amplify the beauty within other women, to show them how truly stunning they are regardless of shape, size, color; we're all beautiful! I hope other people see that I love looking for the best within everybody all around.
Check back next month to meet another amazing #KJiloveme girl!
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