#KJfieldtrip at Get Out Games!

#KJfieldtrip at Get Out Games! - Kortni Jeane
Get Out Games
 Nothing brings a team together quite like trying to break into an office to find gold. Yup that's right, the KJ team tested their problem solving skills to break into a safe to find gold. 
In case you've never heard of Get Out Games, let us explain! As a group, you are put into one room. Your main goal is to complete the task you are given, in order to get out of the room! As a team we did the "heist" room. We separated into two teams and not only raced against the clock, but against each other as well. Our specific goal was to break into a secret safe full of gold, and get out of the room before we were caught. Once you are in the room, there are multiple puzzles you need to solve to eventually complete the task. It is a great team building activity and is sure to create stronger relationships within the group. 
We had the best night at Get Out Games! If you are local, be sure to check them out. They have a location in Provo and Salt Lake Utah, with multiple different themed rooms to experience. Whether you want to break into a safe, fight a zombie, or even search an Egyptian tomb, they have the perfect rooms for you!
P.S. Get Out Games not only was so nice to let us come, they would love to have you visit them as well! If you are interested, use the code:  GGKortniJeane to receive 10% off the total price on any escape room experience! (Valid until August 31st 2018)
Kortni Jeane + Team


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