KJ Q&A - Episode 1

KJ Q&A - Episode 1 - Kortni Jeane
I always get a ton of questions about everything under the sun {eclipse joke!}, so my team and I have decided to do a series of Q&A videos to make sure that all of your questions get answered.
And of course we're calling it KJ Q&A because it rhymes.  💁 💁 💁
I'll be chatting about our swimsuits, how I run my business, my beauty and fashion favorites, questions about my personal life (marriage!) and anything else you guys want to know. 
If you have any questions you want answered, be sure to comment below!

Each video will be posted to our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up!
xoxo, Kortni


  • Keslie on

    Hey! I was wondering how it all got started? What was the inspiration how’d you start a bussiness and how’d you make it so successful?

  • Bek on

    Hey KJ!
    Would love to know more about your ethics and how you’re not just another sweatshop using brand. I think these things should be essential for consumers to know and something I would love to promote on my blog. Would be awesome to see a behind the scenes etc too. Thanks! ?

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