Join Us for No Makeup Day!

Join Us for No Makeup Day! - Kortni Jeane
Having an excuse to celebrate every holiday, big or small, is something we KJ ladies cannot pass up! Did you know that April 26th is National No Makeup Day?! We are 100% celebrating THAT! We’re inviting all of you to join us as we celebrate our natural beauty by going without makeup for the entire day! 
No makeup means different things for everyone. Makeup can allow us to conceal insecurities, express our personalities, or simply help us feel more put-together and confident when out and about. All of these are great reasons to wear makeup and we’re here for it! But this No Makeup Day encourages all ladies to go bare-faced for 24 hours to express and liberate their natural beauty. Going makeup free can be daunting for many of us so we’re coming at you with tips and tricks to help you feel more confident in your own skin. 
Tip #1: Do it for Self-Love
The overall purpose of No Makeup Day is to allow our real selves to come through. For this holiday we can celebrate being 100% honest and genuine about all aspects of life, starting with our natural beauty. In our opinion, less is best when it comes to a healthy self-image and makeup routine. As women, we are just as valuable without using a single product and are gorgeous with a bare face! And that includes YOU! Make this day all about being your real self, both outside and in. 
Tip #2: Own It
It’s oh so tempting to announce to the world that you’re not wearing any makeup, but resist the urge to even mention it. We think it’s natural to want to explain ourselves to people when something is “off” about ourselves. {Raise of hands for anyone who has walked into a room and apologized for their appearance. We totally get it!} But to really embrace and express our natural beauty on No Makeup Day, we encourage you to walk into every room + group with confidence knowing that you are more than your makeup!
Tip #3: Timesaver
We know this isn’t groundbreaking news but putting on makeup sucks up your time! By not wearing it for a day {or more}, you’ll add 15 - 45 minutes to your day! That leaves you with endless possibilities! Use that extra time to catch more Zzz’s, make a more hearty breakfast, or shop for your favorite swimmers😉  No Makeup Day is a holiday after all, so treat yourself with that extra time you’re not spending on your makeup routine.  
Tip #4: Avoid Comparison
No makeup day isn’t about comparisons. Some of the most gorgeous ladies have made an effort to go makeup free for some time, like Cindy Crawford, Lady Gaga, Heidi Klum, and Alicia Keys. But no makeup day isn’t about comparing yourself to these ladies but about boosting your confidence in your most natural state. If anything, use them as role models for your no makeup approach, but not as a level to be reached. Say no to covering up your face, mind, soul, thoughts, and dreams like they have done! 
Tip #5: Drink Up
As the weather warms up, your skin will need even more hydration! Keep your complexion moisturized using whatever works best for your skin type. Skincare is even more important when you’re not wearing makeup and many women who have gone without makeup have noticed that their skin actually starts to look better {especially when their moisturizer has SPF!} We also recommend reaching for your water bottle anytime you feel vulnerable without your makeup. Drinking water often will help your face stay hydrated.
Tip #6: Facial Massages 
If you’ve never had a facial massage, it’s time to invest! A good facial massage helps stimulate blood flow and leaves you with the brightest and glowing complexion. Plus they feel SO GOOD! If you’re not quite ready to book a facial massage appointment, invest in a jade roller for your facial routine. This beauty tool should help to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, so your face will glow and look less puffy. With those kinds of benefits, who needs makeup??  
Tip #7: Groom Your Brows
A good set of brows helps to frame your face and pull your natural features into focus. Raise of hands if you over-plucked in the past or just have sparse brows. Brow serums are a great way to help your brows look furrowed again but don’t necessarily cover up your natural brows. It could be argued that using a serum is the same as using makeup, but why not give your natural brows a little boost?! It’s just like doing your hair and there’s nothing wrong with a little grooming.  
Tip #8: Cheat Sheet
If you’re not 100% sold on going completely makeup free then cheat a little, we won’t tell! Instead of going for your full on makeup routine, reach for minimal products that accentuate your already existing features. We are huge fans of beauty brands that have taken on natural, clean ingredients as well as effortless approaches to makeup. For example, our very own Lip + Cheek adds a pop of color to your overall look but doesn’t conceal or distract from your natural features. We love the way minimal makeup enhances our features, but join us for No Makeup Day as we opt for a “less is more approach” to beauty. 
Don’t get us wrong, if you feel your best in a full face of makeup and it makes you happy, you should definitely do that. No Makeup Day is simply our chance to embrace and share our makeup-less faces. It helps us to inspire others to let their natural beauty shine. For this fun holiday, let's show ourselves and other women that it’s important to feel comfortable in our own skin. Embrace the version of yourself that helps you feel free, whether this be with makeup or without. Are you going to join us for No Makeup Day? Comment below and let us know!
Kortni + Team


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