Interview with Fatima Dedrickson from Style Fit Fatty

Interview with Fatima Dedrickson from Style Fit Fatty - Kortni Jeane

"Motherhood is a serious rollercoaster, but it is everything I ever dreamed of."

- Fatty Dedrickson

Fatima Dedrickson lives in sunny Arizona with her family and is the face behind the Style Fit Fatty blog and Instagram. After growing up in Sweden, she came to Utah to attend Brigham Young University where she was on the track team. That is where she met her husband and they were married in 2012.

Fatty is three months postpartum and is working to empower herself and other women through a 21-day fitness challenge that she created herself. It is amazing to see the results of these women! Fatty believes it's so important to make time for yourself so you can be the best mother, wife and friend you can be. Be sure to check it out on her Instagram.


How many kids do you have? What are their ages?

  • I have 3 kids. A 4-year-old, a soon to be 2-year-old and a 3-month-old :)

If you and your children could get out of the house right now and do one fun thing in your KJ swimmers, what would you do and where would you go?

  • We would hit up our pool or go to the splash pad!! Thats basically where we live during the spring/summer in Arizona!

What aspect of motherhood brings you the greatest joy?

  • Honestly, it's the simple and little things! It is so easy to get caught up with life and all the busy things during the day. A simple hug form your toddler, a smile, a kiss! When I see my kids happy, laughing and enjoying life! It's amazing how digging for "dinosaur bones" can bring a child so much joy.

What is a challenge you are facing right now in motherhood? What are you doing to stay positive and/or find a solution during this challenge?

  • Having three kids, you are outnumbered! A challenge I am facing is how to divide my time and give all kids my attention. I try to involve the toddlers in all my activities but also be involved whenever they're playing. I find that they LOVE when my husband and I engage and play with them.

How is your parenting style different now than it was when you were a first-time mom?

  • I feel like I was very strict at first and also very self-critical! It is easy to compare yourself to the other parents or compare your child to another child. I have realized now that we are all different and we are all trying to figure this whole parenthood out :D

What is one thing you said you would NEVER do as a parent, and now you do all the time?

  • I said that I would never let my kids eat anything from the floor! Haha now I'm all 10, 20, 30 second rule. Right? ;)

If you had to teach your kids just ONE thing that stuck with them forever, what would it be & why?

  • ALWAYS CHOOSE KINDNESS AND LOVE EVERYONE! What goes around, comes around.

If you had to give one word of advice to your first-time-mom self, what would it be?

  • Always follow your mommy instincts! You know your kids better than anyone and you are doing an amazing job at it.

A woman’s body changes a lot going in and out of pregnancies, breastfeeding and the daily demands of being a mom. You give so much of yourself to your little ones. How do you keep yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually healthy?

  • I preach about this all of the time. It is SO important to take care of yourself. If you aren't feeling well mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically you aren't going to be able to take care of others. We as women and mothers are nurturers and we tend to focus on others and forget about ourselves. I take time to exercise almost everyday! I bring my kids with me or do it at home. I also have made some amazing mommy friends, which I think is SO important too. It really does take a village, but if you don't have a village, motherhood can get real lonely.

At times in your life when you haven’t felt comfortable in your own skin, what did you do to gain more confidence in yourself?

  • It is important to focus on yourself and not play the comparison game. Every pregnancy is different, all our bodies are different. One person may take 5 months to get back to its "normal" self, and another person 5 years. I made sure to do something for myself everyday. Whether it was painting my nails, or getting my hair done or, heck, taking a shower! Having a loving husband that loves everything about you helps a ton as well!

You run a business/blog AND are a full-time mom. How do you balance the two?


  • It is hard at times. I try doing things during naps or after the kids to go bed. My husband is in school, so when he is doing homework at night I do my blogging things and try to stay ahead. 


xoxo, Kortni Jeane + Team


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