How to Talk to Your Body

How to Talk to Your Body - Kortni Jeane
Did you know that what you say out loud is believed by your subconscious mind?! Talk about incredible! It’s no wonder we struggle to love our bodies sometimes - we may not be in the habit of speaking positively to them. From saying we’re too chubby to being frustrated about our physical abilities, there’s a lot of language we could tweak surrounding our bodies. Take a look at how you can talk to your body to help manage or improve your relationship with your body: 
We can’t change our height, but we can control how often we move and what we put into our bodies. One great way to improve our relationship with our bodies is to focus on what we can control. We heard a saying recently, “if it’s not a 7-second fix, don’t say anything!” This goes for our own bodies. We can control how we talk to ourselves, how we talk about ourselves in front of others, how we react, how often we check our phones, how much we play, and so much more. But if you can’t fix something in 7 seconds, it’s best not to focus on it.   
When speaking to or about your body, focus on having some fun! From getting ready for work to heading to a girl's night out, talk to your body in a fun way! “You are a boss.” “You’re strong and energized to have a fun time!” Enjoy your life, and use your body for experiences. Ask yourself daily “what am I doing + experiencing in my body?
Forget asking your body “how do you look?” It’s a setup. Focus on your sense of self and well-being by asking your body how it feels. Use how you feel and how you perform as your metric, rather than a scale. “My body needs rest” “My body feels like it needs water.” Whatever you say to your body, focus on feelings rather than looks. 
Your body can run, sing, dance, hug, and do so much more. Connect with your body as an instrument, not only do we have more fun but our relationship with our body becomes greater than how it looks or how old it is. Focus on what your body can do for you and what its purpose is. 
Appreciate your body. Admire the uniqueness of others. Simple as that.
You and your body are growing together. Try new things together. Wear new styles. Participate in new sports and activities. Let your body take you through new things, not intimidate you from trying them. Grow together, slay together.
Our hope is that everybody can look at their own bodies without judgment and find love in their reflections. But it all starts with how we talk to our bodies. What habits do you practice when talking to your body? Let us know so we can add them to our list!
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