How to Find Affordable Halloween Costumes

How to Find Affordable Halloween Costumes - Kortni Jeane
Spooktober is around the corner which means we’re gearing up with our costume! But this year we’re looking at more affordable options for our ultimate Halloween costumes. There’s definitely no need to spend a fortune on a fun dress up that you’ll use maybe once or twice. We’ve pulled together five ways you can find affordable Halloween costumes so you can join in on the fun of Spooktober without hurting your finances. From plus-size costumes to matching family costumes, take a look at our affordable advice. 


It’s time to have a lot of fun making your own costume. Whip out fabric, pool noodles, or anything else you’ll need to create the costume you’re hoping for. And the best part? You don’t even have to be a pro at sewing or crafting! Just look up some YouTube videos and go to town  creating your ultimate Halloween costume. We’ve seen some pretty creative punny costumes and even some downright scary ones. You can do basically anything when you’re making the costume yourself without spending too much $$. 

Use What You Have

This is a great cheap option, especially if you need a last minute costume idea. Throw on a vest with some shiny shoes and jeans for an ‘80s Rock costume. Wear black pants + white and black striped shirt to become a robber or a mime. Whip out a tennis skirt + racket to dress up as Serena Williams. Cover yourself in white + pink balloons for a bubble bath costume. The sky's the limit when you’re using what you have (and you won’t have to spend a dime). 

Hand Me Downs

Was your oldest child a pirate last year? Great! That means their little sibling can be one this year! Does your older sister have a cute Tinkerbell costume from a few years back? Perfect, you’re covered for this year. One of the best ways to find affordable Halloween costumes is to use the ones you already have access to. You can mix things up by adding your own spin on things (glitter, different colored shoes, fun hair-dos), but other than that you’re good to go! 

Borrow from Family + Friends

Instead of spending money on a brand new costume, take a peek at your friends past Halloween costumes and see if you could borrow them for this year! Why invest in a brand new Ghostbusters costume when you can easily borrow a jumpsuit from your cousin? If it’s a really nice or homemade costume, you can always offer to rent it too (but be careful not to blow too much $$ on a rental)! It’ll surprise you how many costumes are sitting in storage, unused, from past years. 

Visit Cheap Stores

So you don’t want to make or borrow your costume. That’s okay! There are cheap stores that won’t empty your bank account for Halloween. Check out the costume options at Walmart, Party City, Costco, Spirit Halloween,, or even Amazon for some fairly priced dress ups. It may even be worth it to you to rent a costume from a local shop, depending on how much they charge. Take a look at all your options before committing so you can find the best affordable option for you! 
Well there you have it! Whether you have tons of time and resources or need a costume on the fly, you definitely don’t need to spend tons of $$ to join in on spooky fun! Like our swimmers, there’s something for everyone on Halloween! You can even use Kortni Jeane swimmers for your Halloween costumes! Don’t believe us? Stick around for all of Spooktober and you’ll see what we’re talking about… 
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