How to Feel More Festive

How to Feel More Festive - Kortni Jeane
So the holidays are here but you’re not feeling very festive. That’s okay! It happens! Whether it be a disappointing Christmas of the past or feeling consistently frazzled during the gifting, traveling, balancing, or even family dynamics, we know Christmas can be stressful. Not sure how to get into the festive spirit?! Drop your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and take a look at our tips and tricks to help you feel festive in no time! 
Eliminate Unrealistic Expectations
The holidays can be heavy with expectations, so it’s important to eliminate any unrealistic expectations that don’t serve you. You don’t need to make mom proud by acing her secret recipe. You don’t need to attend all the neighborhood Christmas parties. You don’t need to perfectly balance work and attend all of your children’s pageants and parties. All of these things are exciting and fun, but if it’s unrealistic for you to do it all. It’s okay to say no, to make sacrifices, and to keep your calendar at a reasonable pace. If you truly want to attend events or find the perfect gifts, just be realistic with yourself and others about how long those will take and how much you can give of yourself. 
Nothing quite beats getting into the festive spirit than with decorating! Putting up Christmas decorations around your space is a great way of making your environment a little brighter and lifting your spirits. Make it extra fun by decorating to Christmas music or enjoying a classic Christmas film. Once your space is filled with greenery, tinsel, and lights, it will be difficult for the Christmas spirit to escape you. If you’re feeling incredibly unfestive this year, start with decorations and see how it goes from there.
Prioritize Self Care
‘Tis the season for giving to yourself first! Take a look at your holiday calendar and block off time each week to do what YOU feel like doing. Get a festive pedicure. Book a much needed massage. Sneak in time to catch up on your favorite show (or a few hours for hallmark movies). Prioritizing self-care will give you enough time to reflect on the real reason this season is full of celebrations. And it’ll give you time to consider all you’re grateful for. 
Now that you’ve given time to yourself, what better way to spread some cheer than by giving back?! The holiday spirit is all about giving, within reason. It can be a small gesture like a baked cookie or serving meals at a community event. You could shovel snow for a neighbor, find a local nonprofit, sing carols in a nursing home, collect + donate hygiene items for a women’s shelter, or volunteer to wrap presents for local boutiques or friends. Whatever volunteer opportunity or idea sounds good to you, you’ll find yourself feeling even more festive the more you give of your time and substance for others. 
Acknowledge the Hard
One great way to feel festive is to allow space to feel all the feelings – not just positive ones. Christmas time can be so hard for so many people and situations. The first holiday season after losing a loved one is emotionally taxing. Every Christmas can be a reminder of incredibly difficult family dynamics. Wearing holiday dresses and attending Christmas feasts can diminish your body positivity. Whatever your situation, it’s okay to acknowledge that things are hard during the holidays. Being honest with yourself will always help you to feel a little more festive. 
Indulge in a Christmas Wardrobe
Whether you’re into ugly sweaters or incredibly fancy dresses, indulging in a few new items in your Christmas wardrobe is a great way to build your confidence and feel more festive. For anyone who has ever struggled with the way they look, what they eat, or how they feel during the holidays, it’s so important to love your body! Love and respect your body by dressing it up in Christmas wear. Christmas is a time filled with celebrations, which means it’s time to celebrate YOU and your body, the way it is here and now. Say goodbye to unrealistic expectations. Say goodbye to the “should look like” ideas. Crush comparison, practice gratitude, allow feelings to process and pass, and buy the beautiful dress! You’ll be glad you did!
We can all use a boost of Christmas cheer! If you’re not feeling very festive this year, start with something small and work your way up to more Christmas fun! The holiday season can be stressful but doesn’t need to be! Which of these tips + tricks do you love? Or what else would you add to our list? Give us your tips in the comments below! 
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