How Kortni Jeane Can Boost Your Confidence

How Kortni Jeane Can Boost Your Confidence - Kortni Jeane
How Kortni Jeane can Boost Your Confidence
You may think there’s little room for self-love when it comes to hitting the pool or the beach, but we’re here to change that! Whether it be stretch marks, unwanted tummy, or natural cellulite, we understand the self-conscious stressors all women face when throwing on a swimsuit. We want to help you take a dip, even if it’s not the easiest thing to do. Our high-waisted bottom and crop top swimmers are here to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Instead of feeling spiraling anxiety over showing off your body, check out why Kortni Jeane is the best way to boost your confidence!



Flattering and gorgeous on all body types, high-waisted swimsuit bottoms are the perfect way to boost your confidence. Are you super tall and slender? Great, you’ll look awesome in a high-waisted swimsuit that adds curves where needed (or our extended bottoms which will give you a lot more coverage!) Are you busty and have distinct curves? You’ll kill it in our versatile shape solution: high-waisted bottoms! Are you self-conscious about love handles? The extra fabric will cover and help smooth things out! No matter what you want out of your swimmer, you’ll find that high waisted bottoms will meet your needs.  Read even MORE about the benefits of high-waisted swimsuits here!


The beautiful thing about the world is that we’re all different, including our bust sizes! Kortni designs her crop top styles with various bust sizes in mind, so that you can find something to fit your body type and swim carefree! Worried about having a small bust? Our V’D Crop, Ruffled Around, Off the Shoulder, Oversized Ruffle, Scoop Back, and Squared Up tops are perfectly flattering for you! Dealing with the challenge of finding the right swimsuit top for a bigger bust? Try out our Tied-Up, Swing, Oversized Ruffle, V-Neck, and Flutter Tops for support and coverage that can’t be beat! No matter your body type, you deserve to wear a swimmer that you’ll feel good in AND we’ve got something for everyone.   

2. Offers More Coverage

We applaud women who can confidently work a bikini, but there’s something about more coverage that can boost your confidence through the roof! Enjoy the freedom of a two piece without showing more skin than you’re comfortable with. If you’ve got stretch marks, cellulite or scarring, you don’t have to show them off if you don’t want to. Kortni Jeane swimmers come in various styles + colors + prints, distracting the eye from self-conscious areas and giving you more control. With those areas covered, you’ll forget all about them and be able to join in on the fun! You’ll look fabulous while feeling good in a swimmer that covers just enough to help you feel confident.

3. Secure & Slimming Fit

One of the best reasons to try out high-waisted bottoms is for their incredible fit! Compared to normal swim bottoms, these stand heads and shoulders above the rest. The higher waistline offers a snug and extremely comfortable fit that will hold up all day long around your natural curves. If you’re nervous about losing your swimsuit to the waves, wipeouts, and diving boards, fear no more! You can play as long as you want without worry about your bottoms sliding down. Kortni Jeane swimmers smooth out your curves for days and are flattering on everyone! Sport a swimmer with confidence knowing it’s secure and slimming on YOU!

4. Exclusive Colors + Prints

We couldn’t be any more obsessed with the colors + prints of Kortni Jeane swimmers! Starting her dream in 2014, Kortni designs every single one and (like Edna Mode), never looks back darling! She is always moving forward, looking for inspiration, and coming up with colors + prints that are one of a kind! Whether it be shapes, fruit, floral, or stripes, Kortni has never repeated a print. They are exclusive to every line! You can boost your confidence knowing you have a one of a kind swimmer, which you mix n’ matched yourself! You’re basically designing your very own swimsuit with Kortni herself without the $$$ of making a custom suit. That alone is a confidence booster!
How Kortni Jeane Can Boost Your Confidence

5. Retro is Always in!

Everyone can feel a confidence boost with the resurgence of classic cuts and styles! High-waisted swimmers have been popular since the 50s and they have managed to stand the test of time! Women ALWAYS come back around to this cute, vintage look. And Kortni Jeane takes it a step further with unique styles + colors + prints! They’re gorgeous, classy, and can be mix n’ matched to fit every personality. Kortni Jeane is here for you and your confidence with timeless designs!

6. Dare to Accessorize!

If you love earrings, scarves, hats, or bags, Kortni Jeane swimmers are fun enough to pair with any accessory. If you’ve never felt the boost of confidence that comes from walking around in a Kortni Jeane swimmer and a Gigi Pip hat, you haven’t lived! You’ll be walking around the pool like you one the place! You might even get photographed + asked for your autograph. Sometimes overdressing a little can help boost your confidence, so layer up on the necklaces, kimonos, and dreamy pool floats. You’ll be the life of the party that everyone wants to be friends with. Take a look at our Extras tab for perfect pool accessories! 

7. Lip + Cheek

Boost your confidence with a little more than just swimmers with a pop of color from Lip + Cheek. Add some highlighter to that fabulous body of yours! If you focus on your collar bones, cheeks, and shoulders, you’ll sparkle like a beach goddess on the outside! And when you’re shining that way on the outside, you're sure to feel that confidence boost on the inside too! It’s a win-win and we are so for it. 

8. Unique to YOU!

The beautiful thing about Kortni Jeane is how different every line is. We do not restock swimmers to keep items as unique as possible. So not only should you snag it while you have the chance, but whatever you snag will be unique to you. Odds are you will not snag the same style, size, and color as everyone else. Have fun with it! Figure out what size you are with our Fit Guide, and then go to town mix n’ matching various styles and versatile colors + prints. It really is such a fun experience to have so many options and to make them uniquely yours. Some combos we see all of you come up with leave us obsessed! You’re all so creative and have so much to offer to the world around you! Thanks for being you because that’s the best person you could be.   
Remember that EVERYONE has insecurities and areas of their body that make them feel self-conscious. But the honest truth is this: if you don’t focus on yours, others won’t either. So boost your confidence even more with Kortni Jeane! Experiment with different styles + colors + prints of swimmers. You’ll never know which looks the best on you until you give it a try! We have so many unique flattering styles - you’ll definitely find something that works and is unique to YOU! Comment below if you have any questions or comments! We’d love to hear from you! 
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