How Do You KJ March 🦄

How Do You KJ March 🦄 - Kortni Jeane

The sun is finally peeking out from behind the clouds and we're antsy for the official first day of spring! This spring has also come with new challenges most of us have never encountered before. Social distancing and worrying about what the next day holds has been exhausting, so we're taking every chance we can to cheer ourselves up in the best way we know how - seeing photos of all of you rocking your unique KJ swimmers! Let's check in and look forward to the many sunny days ahead! ☀️

How do you kj march @sheridaningalls

Matching mommy + mini swimmers in Black Polka have been our best seller from our Making Lemonade Collection by far! Our classic black paired with these polka dots will never go out of style! Best of all, Black Polka is the perfect neutral pattern for all of your pattern on pattern dreams! This gorgeous mom is rocking our maternity bottoms and Ruffled Around top. We have to say, Sheridan created one of the best maternity combos we've seen! What about you? Are you a polka dot person? This pattern just might convert you!

How do you kj march @jessicaangeline

Orange in the tropics! 😍 Jessica headed to Hawaii this month with her family for a piece of paradise. Nothing says spring more than these orange-on-orange combos. It's bold, bright, and just what you need to complete your tropical vacation! We're hoping each of you have one planned for the near future!

How do you kj march @saltypinkpineapple

Nothing could be a better combo for Nicki than pink and palms! With an Instagram handle like @saltypinkpineapple, I bet you can guess why. It's all tropical vibes and pink, from the Palm Leaves pattern to the Flower Cutout bottoms. She continues to inspire us with her body positivity in posts like this. With a new baby on the way, she's embracing her body with every new season and change. Ladies like this are what we need filling our feed!

How do you kj march @reefrainaria 

Just a few weeks ago, Jessica and her family were in Nicaragua for a family trip. They were all matching in Green Palm, soaking up the sunshine all week long, and basically living in their bathing suits. That's the life! We're all looking forward to our own gorgeous views and tan lines! Now just to get all of the family matching before then!

how do you KJ march @ivyelkington

Ivy and her baby Kōhia are some of the cutest KJ Girls around! While Utah's not bringing as much sunshine as we'd like, they're ready as ever to get out in the sun! All quarantined up and bringing us all of the bright vibes! Maybe it's time to just wear swimmers in the bathtub. Summer can't come soon enough for them!how do you KJ march @heyitsrubee

Stuck inside? Photoshoot time it is! Grab a sheet, some props, and find your best natural light source. It's time to have fun with it! All you've got is time on your hands so take advantage of it! Ruby and her daughter sure did and they're inspiring us to make these precious memories together. You never know, you just may learn some new tricks!

how do you kj march @mama.triefler

Floral patterns got a new look just in time for spring! Tiffany and her daughter showed up in our feed and wowed us with their Flower Power combos. With all of your favorite colors, you just can't go wrong with this one! 

How will you KJ this coming month? Indoors or outdoors? Vacation life or home life? Any way you do it, it's the best way to make your own sunshine. May this week bring you all happy vibes, peace, and memories with loved ones!

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