Happy National Unicorn Day

Happy National Unicorn Day - Kortni Jeane
With color, magic, sparkle and overall happiness, Unicorns hold an important place in our lives! And National Unicorn Day gives us the perfect excuse to celebrate life, and all the happy and fun things that come with it. As a team that’s fascinated with magic and bringing people positivity and joy, we’re coming at you with all the ways we’re celebrating National Unicorn Day! Hope you’re as excited as we are!  
First things first, make sure National Unicorn day is full of colors and fun! No matter what the day looks like, let that be where you start. From makeup to shoes, you can add some fun color to your day by dressing for the occasion. Add some All That Glitters Lip + Cheek to your makeup routine for some effortless magic. Paired with Unicorn Magic or Sunkissed Lip + Cheek, your overall look will absolutely shine for this unique holiday. If you’ve got work or school, make a point to wear purple, blue, and pink tones in your outfit. Have fun with it as you remain professional, but get creative celebrating all things Unicorn! Your kids would love to get in on the fun with these fun Unicorn Onesies, a Rainbow Unicorn Wig, some Unicorn Tutu’s, topped with magical Unicorn Horn Headbands! Or wear it all yourself if you can! With the right wardrobe, Unicorn fun just never stops! If you have other Unicorn accessories, wear them proudly for the entire day! Or better yet, wear a Unicorn inspired swimmer combo and sport it all day long🦄
Now let’s talk about the best part of any holiday, the food! If you ask us, Unicorn inspired treats are the best kind of treats! When you’re out and about, take to the town and find what Unicorn inspired treats are available from restaurants + shops. For example, Cravings in Utah County offers Unicorn Poop, a marshmallow, rice crispy treat with white chocolate, peanut butter, sprinkles, and edible glitter. Or you can order their Unicorn Float, a strawberry Italian soda topped with ice cream + unicorn candy. These treats are the very definition of magical! Or if you’re looking to add some Unicorn magic to your brunch, head to Block Restaurant where you can order Unicorn Syrup with your pancakes or French toast. Comment below if you know of any other Unicorn inspired treats from your favorite restaurants + shops. 
If you have a little more time on your hands, you could make Unicorn inspired treats from your own kitchen! You could dive into this Unicorn Popcorn in all it’s colorful glory! Or give Unicorn Pretzels a whirl for a salty + savory snack. If you’re all sugared out, check out this recipe for Healthy Unicorn Smoothies! Or step up your dinner game with this Unicorn Pizza! Get creative and go wild with any and every Unicorn inspired recipe you can find. We found a great list of all kinds of treats and you can check it out here.  Let us know which Unicorn foods you make, or better yet, tag us and post all about it! We’d love to see!
No holiday would be complete without activities and games, so let’s dive into Unicorn inspired ones! Our go-to activity for this fun holiday is of course, pinatas! You can make your own Unicorn Pinata, or you can easily find one to order online. Really, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Fill your pinata with your favorite treats, money, your favorite trinkets {like scrunchies, lip balm, or sunscreen sticks}, and tons of glitter! Make the inside as magical as the outside! You can also enjoy activities like Unicorn Ring Toss, Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, or throw a Unicorn Treasure Hunt! We even recently found Uno’s “UnoCorns” card game, which may or not be coming to the office very very soon. The possibilities are endless so you can enjoy all kinds of activities on National Unicorn Day, including lounging poolside in your Unicorn inspired swimmer combo.  
We here at Kortni Jeane are the self proclaimed Unicorn experts so we definitely have you covered for this magical holiday! Since the Unicorn is our mascot, we even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to all things Unicorn
What do you think about our National Unicorn Day ideas? Are you gearing up to try them all? Whatever you do to celebrate, remember to take a moment and celebrate life and all the happy + fun things that come with it. From color and magic to sparkles and happiness, Unicorns help remind us how great things really are! How are you going to celebrate National Unicorn Day? Tell us all about it below!
Kortni + Team


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