Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day - Kortni Jeane
Hey Mama’s! 💖 This one's for you - mama's with six kids, mama's-to-be, future mama's, grandmother's, aunties, and all mother figures. You mean the world to us! There's no one we'd rather match in our swimmers so we're showing our appreciation the best we know how - with an overload of your adorable photos, because you deserve to be celebrated!
to the adventuring mama’s


boo boo kissers

and best huggers

to the tickle monsters


giggle buddies



and best friends

to the caretakers

role models

and peacemakers


Thank you for showing us the world! Thank you for teaching us what it means to be both kind and strong. Thank you for leading us the best way you know how. Thank you for holding us when we cry and cheering for us when we triumph. Mother figures everywhere, you make the world turn round! Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful mama's out there!
Kortni + Team


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