Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Halloween Costume Ideas 2021 - Kortni Jeane
 Sometimes October rolls around and our creativity levels are at an all time low. Talk about inconvenient when you’re trying to come up with the best Halloween costume ever! Well instead of desperately searching for “easy Halloween costumes” on the internet, take a look at our ideas! We love getting creative with our swimmers and these costumes turned out better than we ever imagined! Feast your eyes if you want to avoid extensive sewing, crafting, or spending. 
Gardeners + Flowers
Think outside the box, the garden box that is. This costume is super easy for a family and can be modified for anywhere from 3-10 people. All you need is some hats and water cans for the gardeners and cute paper mache flower crowns for your littles. We love the way our Eclipse and Celeste Floral swimmers work in this Gardners + Flowers look!
Shark Attack
You know, a thing about a shark, she’s as cute as can be! If you’re looking for a last minute costume idea for your little family, this is it! You can go as crazy or as simple as you’d like, either way you’ll have a great costume for the season. With mom as the lifeguard decked out in red, baby as the shark rocking a paper dorsal fin, and dad as the endangered swimmer with fake blood on his side, this Shark Attack costume is one for the books!  
Spa Day
We just couldn’t resist this “Spa Day” themed costume! Who knew little ladies looking to relax could be so cute! All you’ll need for this one is cute robes, slippers, some sort of face mask, and cucumbers. Again, this is a great last minute costume idea that can be used for any party or Halloween outing! 
Fruit Basket
Be still our beating hearts! There is no better use of our Mixed Fruit swimmers than this one right here. Look at this little miss dressed as the cutest Fruit Basket we ever did see! Just throw baby in a cute basket, give her fake fruit to play with, and you have one Halloween Costume for the books! Now we just have to figure out a way to recover from all the heart melting. 
Wizard of Oz
Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! The Wizard of Oz is a classic and this costume theme is great for little or large groups! Pictured here we have the Cowardly Lion, Dorthy, and the Scarecrow, but you could easily add in the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch of the West, or even Toto the dog! To get the costumes above, all you’ll need is 1) a cute lion tail, face makeup, and to put your hair in cute little lion ear buns 2) long socks, ruby slippers, and a blue lined basket 3) a straw hat, a flannel shirt, straw, and face makeup. Whether you’re dressing up with friends or your family, this is a great theme to go all out with!   
The latest Cruella movie came out this year and we are fans! And the best part of a Cruella costume? You can go classic like we did above or go completely modern like Emma Stone. All you really need is black + white wig or hair dye, red gloves, and something furry! The high heels really add a nice touch, don’t you think darling? 
UPS Delivery
Who doesn’t love a lady in uniform? This cute and sassy UPS Delivery costume is just too good to pass up! All you’ll need is cute shoes, your brown uniform, and a brown cap to top it all off. Grab your latest delivery boxes (you know we support online shopping!) and stick the UPS symbol on them for the ultimate prop. Turn up the fun by filling your boxes with candy and passing them out to all your friends, family, or coworkers!
Queen Elizabeth
Say hello to your Majesty, the Queen! Nothing beats the famous icons of the day! This is another great last-minute costume idea that will leave you feeling like the Queen of the party. Just grab some classy shoes, white gloves, a red sash, a pearl necklace, and a wig if needed. We love how our Queen Elizabeth turned out in our Wrap Top Rashguard and High-Waisted Skirt. We’ve got you covered to look classy!
Talk about some costume contest winners! Which costume did you love the most? Or better yet, what amazing ideas do you have?! Share them in the comments below! Orrrrrrr make your ideas come to life in our #kortnijeanehalloween costume contest for the chance to win $300 to shop Kortni Jeane. No matter what, we know it’s going to be the best Spooktober EVER!
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