Gettin' Groovy with @stacieandrichie

Gettin' Groovy with @stacieandrichie - Kortni Jeane
@stacieandrichie photoshoot
We dove into the deep blue sea for one of our most unique photoshoots yet! This ultramarine dream is brought to you by @stacieandrichie, a groovy photography duo with a flare for retro style. With a little disco and a pop of pink, they mixed our styles together to create something completely new. So let's see just how rad this photoshoot turned out to be!
@stacieandrichie photoshoot
Put this in a film strip and paste it on our wall! We're gaga for this rainbow film! Stacie and Richie shot these on a tinted film camera using @dubblefilm. Now we all want to snag some of this to bring those 70's vibes to life! The rest of the photos were shot on both digital and film called PORTRA 400. We're loving how this film and editing especially completes the vibe!@stacieandrichie photoshoot
Shell yes! We're sharing all of the outfit and set details here. Stacie and Richie styled Kortni from head to toe. Her dress and shoes are from ASOS, complete with a poppin' pinkvintage turtleneck. The statement earrings (the best part really!) are hand crafted clay pieces from @studioramiii. This poppin' makeup look came to life with @lauren_fisher's talent! And last but certainly not least, the set design was all created by @madisonpopefilms, complete with every underwater element you could ever want in a deep sea photoshoot!@stacieandrichie photoshoot
If you're looking for photography inspiration, @stacieandrichie have plenty of unique content to keep you busy! We're thrilled about how they brought their vintage style into our brand and made these timeless photos! What do you think? Will you be running to purchase rainbow film like the rest of us? Let's throw it back to Polaroids and film cameras for a while! Until next time babes!
Kortni Jeane + Team

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    Yes! These are so cute and fun!!!

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