#getdressedwithkj with Simple + Blush

#getdressedwithkj with Simple + Blush - Kortni Jeane
#getdressedwithkj with simple + blush
Is anyone else totally in LOVE with the hair tie trend? We sure are over at the KJ offices! We teamed up with Simple + Blush, the cutest hair tie company, for a #getdressedwithkj. We each were able to pick which color fits us best + style it our own way! From simple ponytails, to amazing braids, there are so many different ways to wear a hair tie!
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Kortni
Kortni is wearing Light Grey
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Rebecca
Rebecca is wearing Light Grey
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Katie
Katie is wearing Blush
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Alexis
Alexis is wearing Blush
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Abbie
Abbie is wearing Baby Blue.
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Lara
Lara is wearing Baby Blue.
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Mckenna
Mckenna is wearing Red
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Izzy
Izzy is wearing Red
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Maggie
Maggie is wearing Mustard.
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Gaby
Gaby is wearing Mauve.
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Taylor
Taylor is wearing Black.
#getdressedwithkj Simple + Blush Lucero
Lucero is wearing Navy.
Tell us, what's your favorite way to wear a hair tie??
Let us know in the comments below and check out Simple + Blush to find even more colors and hair inspiration! 
Kortni Jeane + Team

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  • Jeni Martinsen on

    I love wearing ties in my ponytail, wrapped around my messy bun or hanging down straight when my hair is half up. So cute! I’d never heard of this company! I’ll definitely spread the word!

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