Fun Activities for Toddlers

Fun Activities for Toddlers - Kortni Jeane
School’s back in session which means your little ones don’t have their big siblings around! Congratulations, you’ve just become your toddlers best friend and entertainer. We know it’s not easy to keep a little one entertained for long periods of time, so we’ve put together a list of ideas! We’ve got you and your little ones covered until their big siblings return home from school! Take a look…

Whisking Bubbles

Don’t you hate it when you buy fancy toys and all your toddlers want to play with are the tools in the kitchen? Well let’s use that to our advantage! All you need is a big container, whisks, dish soap, food coloring, and optional scented oils. Take all your items outside, squirt about a ⅓ cup of dish soap into the container, and fill it with water. You’ll want to use a wide container so the kids can whisk well and we recommend a shallow container to avoid accidental drowning. Then add the food coloring and let your little one whisk away to create bubbles! The more they whisk, the more bubbles you’ll see! So have fun with it!

Magic Sand

There’s nothing baby + toddlers love more than eating sand, so why not make your own magic sand that’s safe to eat?! All you need is 1 cup of coconut oil, 8 cups of baby biscuit base, a bowl, and a spoon. Place both ingredients in the bowl, mix it together, and you’re done! Leave the bowl with your little one and let them play with the texture through their fingers. They’ll feel, squish, eat, squash, and dig! You can also throw scoops and cups into the bowl so they can play with them. They’ll love it! 

Alphabet Letter Fishing

Toddlers love water play activity, and who can blame them?! All you need for this fun activity is water, strainers, a plastic container, and alphabet letters (we recommend uppercase and lowercase if you’re starting letter recognition with your little one). Put all the letters in the water and send your little one in after them with their strainer (or net). If you’re helping them learn a handful of letters, try only putting those letters in the water so they don’t get too overwhelmed. To start, you can pour some letters in and ask them to fish out all the letter K’s first! You know, for Kortni Jeane!

Mini Treasure Hunt 

Toddlers love shiny things so why not play the ultimate searching-based game of mini treasure hunt?! First, round up some treasure (coins, fake jewels, anything  your little one would find interesting). Second, spread out the treasure on a plastic serving tray. Third, hide the treasure with multi-colored rice! Fourth, gather a few treasure finding tools, like brushes, tongs, and spoons. Then let the treasure hunt begin! You can lay a towel or blanket beneath the tray for easier clean up but other than that… let your little ones have at it! 

Sink or Float Station

Give your toddler something to do for a long time that’s also simple for you to prepare! All you need to do is fill a plastic tub with some water and a couple drops of food coloring. Then, roam the house in search of small objects with different densities. You’ll find tons of great stuff between the kitchen and junk drawers! Place all the objects you find on a tray nearby and have your little one experiment to see which items float and which ones sink. Hopefully your toddler will love this activity as much as we do! 

Pom Pom Push

Activities don’t need to take a long time to prepare and they definitely don't need to cost a lot. This particular activity only requires pom poms and an empty plastic container. Just poke a few holes in the top of a clean sour cream or yogurt container, just big enough to fit a pom pom ball. Then show your little one how to push the pom poms through those holes. You’ll be surprised how long this activity will distract your little one. Just watch out for those pom pom eaters who can’t be trusted 😉 
Say hello to easier days during the school year! With these fun toddler activities, you’re sure to entertain your little one during those days that just seem to crawl by. What other ideas do you have to help entertain the toddlers at home? Drop them in the comments below so we can add them to our list! 
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