Everything You Need to Know about Kortni Jeane!

Everything You Need to Know about Kortni Jeane! - Kortni Jeane
Hi 👋🏼 We’re Kortn Jeane! We are passionately committed to delivering extraordinary swimsuits and swim products that are fun for the whole family! Kortni launched her first swimmer collection in 2014 and now thousands of swimmer combos later we are still mix + matching all thanks to you! Whether you’re new to the fun or an avid swim collector, here are things that everyone should know about Kortni Jeane: 
We LOVE matching family swimsuits!
Nothing beats getting everyone in on the action. We’re talking mom, dad, big sis/bro, little sis/bro, baby, grandma, grandpa, and everyone in between. Whether you’re sporting matching swimsuit styles or coordinating colors + prints, we love seeing the personality of each family shine in the combos they create. Plus, when everyone is in on the swimsuit action, everyone is a part of the memories - and that’s our favorite part of all. 
We have a MAJOR sweet tooth!
From sodas to cookies, we can’t say no to yummy sweet things. We love enjoying an ice cold soda poolside or late night summer popsicles. Life is sweet and should be enjoyed with treats to match, don’t you think?!
Mommy + Me swimsuits are our JAM!
Get ready to melt hearts with all the mother daughter  matching swimsuits we have available. Shrink it down and it’s instantly adorable! That’s right Mommy + me swimsuits are available in the same styles, making it oh so easy to match with your mini me’s. Every mommy + me duo is as darling as can be so don’t wait to join in on the fun!
HALLOWEEN is our very favorite holiday!
And we celebrate all month long with a variety of Spooktober events, deals, and fun! If you’re new around here, be sure to stick around for festive happenings for the entire month. We never mess around with spooks!  
COMFORT and CONFIDENCE is our goal!
We know swimsuit shopping can be brutal, so we make the process easy with modest swimsuits for women and families that look great on every body type! High-waisted modest swimwear is the way to go and perfect for every shape and personality. Take a look at our line up, put on the suit, and let that confidence shine! 
We like to PARTY!
From summer to weekends to national food holidays, there is always a reason to celebrate and have fun! Life is for the high dive, strange adventures, midnight swims, and rambling conversations. If we’re not laughing and having fun, we’re definitely in the planning stages of making a party happen!  
Our kids' floaties are actually CUTE!
Say goodbye to tacky animal heads and colors you just don’t love. Say hello to colors and prints that match your aesthetic or your little one's personality! Our arm floaties for kids are called Splashers and they come in a variety of colors that you can mix + match with our swimsuit lineups. Floaties for kids never looked so good so get ready for your little ones to splash alongside you in the water all year round. 
We get EVERYONE in on the action!
From boys swimwear to girls swimwear, everyone in your cute crew can get in on mixing, matching, or wearing completely different swimmers. Our girls swimsuits come in over ten different styles and will instantly melt hearts while our boys shorts come in two styles and are as darling as can be. Our sizing starts at 3M and goes all the way up to 12/13! And with all the colors + prints available, the possibilities are endless for sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and grandkids!  
What sets us APART?
We want to keep things fresh, fun, and totally unique which means lots of new swimmer drops all year long! Colors and styles come and go quickly but  with endless mix + match combos offer you’re sure to create a swimmer that leaves you feeling powerful and beautiful! Once an item is gone, it’s gone and new colors are then released, ensuring your swimmer is not only unique to you but the fun of Kortni Jeane never stops! No one does it like we do and that’s just the way we like it. 
Thank you for being a part of Kortni Jeane! This truly is the most incredible community and we are so grateful for your love and support. 
Kortni + Team


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