DIY Holiday Tree Mugs

DIY Holiday Tree Mugs - Kortni Jeane


Kortni Jeane DIY Holiday Tree Mugs

One of the BEST things about the holiday season {in our opinion} is that it's perfect weather to cozy up to the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate. But, of course, you need a festive mug! 
Follow these simple directions to create your down darling holiday tree mug!


 Things you'll need:

  • White mugs 
  • 3-4 multi-surface paints // similar here We used Bubblegum, Kelly, Lagoon & Silver
  • Stencil tape
  • Paint brushes

 Using the stencil tape, mask off a triangle on your mug. Paint desired color and let it FULLY dry. You'll run into problems if it isn't fully dry when you tape another triangle. 

Once dry, tape on another triangle and paint another color.  

 Continue to do this around the entire mug. 
***We added white to our Kelly green color to get a lighter green. 

 Once all trees are painted on the mug and dry, get out the silver paint. Use the back of the paint brush to dip into paint. Then paint dots all over the trees, like Christmas ornaments! 

 Let dry, and then you're ready to make some delicious hot cocoa! 




xoxo, Kortni Jeane + Team 


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