Creative Ways to Wear Your Swimmer in the Winter

Creative Ways to Wear Your Swimmer in the Winter - Kortni Jeane
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t rock your Kortni Jeane Swimmers! There are various ways you can wear your matching family swimsuits even when it’s snowing outside, and here are just a few ideas!
Who says swimsuit tops can’t be worn outside the pool? Throw on a cozy cardigan, sweater, or button up over your Kortni Jeane top for a comfortable look! This will not only keep you warm, but will also create a stylish ensemble that will be perfect for all of your winter outings!
Mommy & Me Fun
Make this a winter they’ll remember, and match with your little ones! Matching family swimsuits are the perfect way to start the new year! Take a family trip to your local hot springs, or spend the day indoors with a fun photoshoot!
Indoor Pool Party
If it’s a little too cold outside, but you’re craving a little “sunshine”, host an indoor pool themed party! Make the space a tropical oasis, put on your favorite Kortni Jeane swimmer, and imagine you’re on a warm beach! It’s the perfect way to beat the winter blues!
Styling our swimmers with accessories is one of our favorite things to do! For the winter season, add a warm scarf or cozy beanie to your swimmer set!
Spa Day
Grab your friends and Kortni Jeane swimmers and head to the spa! After some pampering, go relax in the sauna or hot tub!
There is always a reason to wear your swimmer, even in the winter! Embrace the change in season and get creative with different ways to rock your KJ in the colder months! Let us know your favorite way to wear or style your Kortni Jeane swim!
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