Cold Drinks that Aren't Soda

Cold Drinks that Aren't Soda - Kortni Jeane
Summer: the days are long and hot, and it’s impossible to get by without a swimmer and a refreshing drink in your hand💦 We here at KJ love soda and treat ourselves to it often, but some days you just want something cold and refreshing that isn’t a soda. So today we’re coming at you with 8 drinks that aren’t soda but are still a great and refreshing option for those hot summer days. So dive right in and pick your ultimate summer drink! 
It’s the little things in life right? Starbucks offers three refreshers as great substitutes for soda that keep us going! They have their three main bases: Kiwi Starfruit, Mango Dragonfruit, and Strawberry Acai (and a Very Berry Hibiscus refresher at select locations). You can mix all of these with lemonade for a more tart refreshment or coconut milk for the Star, Dragon, or Pink Drinks. If you haven’t tried these yet, RUN!
Fruit Water 
If you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake or just want to give soda a break, fruit water is the perfect, guilt free delight (not that you should feel guilty for drinking soda -- you do you girl!) Flavored water is fairly healthy, refreshing, and there are tons of choices available. Some of our favorite brands are La Croix, Hint, and Spindrift! You can also make your own fruit infused water, adding whatever fruits suit your fancy. We found some delicious recipes here. Have fun and make it uniquely yours!  
Copycat Disney Juleps
The happiest place on Earth calls to us constantly so why not bring a little magic to your summer drink? Try this Disneyland inspired Mint Julep that is light, refreshing, and easy enough to make. You could also make the more seasonal drink, the copycat Watermelon Mint Julep to enjoy on a warm summer evening. Either way, these are great substitutes from your normal summer beverage.  
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade
Any kind of frozen beverage is sure to cool you off this summer! So if you’re looking for a refreshment that’s equal parts sour and sweet, give this frozen strawberry lemonade a try. Not only will you love it, friends and kids will too. 
Refreshing Blueberry Lemonade
Step up your lemonade game with this sweet and tangy blueberry lemonade. If you live in California or Florida, this one is definitely for you! Stock up on your blueberries and get ready to try something different. Say goodbye boring lemonades and hello to a wonderfully fruity and tart lemonade. 
Classic Orange Julius
Who doesn’t have a memory of a classic orange julius from their childhood? This frothy summer drink is the perfect refreshment to sip poolside and is oh so easy to make. Perfect parts citrusy and sweet, kids and adults alike will love to have this drink out in the warm summer sun. Orange Julius has been floating around for years so make sure to give this recipe a try if you’ve never had one. 
Aguas Frescas
So what’s the difference between fruit infused water and aguas frescas? Well agua frescas are blended of course! These refreshing fruit drinks are typically made of your choice of fruit blended with water, lime juice and a bit of sweetener. The best fruits for aguas frescas are pineapple, strawberries, cucumber + mint, cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon! And we’ve found the perfect recipe here. So whip out your high-powered blender and get to work creating the ultimate summer refreshments! 
Give life to your favorite fruits and veggies again by taking them poolside! We can’t forget about smoothies as a great cold drink that can be enjoyed any time throughout your water adventures. They may seem like yesterday's news, but smoothies are the best way to improvise with what you have and know that there's no right or wrong way to make it. Just make sure you have a liquid base, frozen fruits, a dose of greens, and add healthy fats or proteins if you want! You can even make dessert-like smoothies with lots of chocolate - that’s where we’re leaning. 
Don’t forget your cup! 
One of the most important parts of enjoying a cold drink poolside is putting your drink of choice in a cup that will keep it cold! Even if you’re hiking to a breathtaking waterfall, having ice cold refreshments is always a necessity. We recommend using an insulated tumbler or water bottle since they’re a convenient way to take your drink on the go and have environmental + financial benefits too! But if you’re sitting poolside just outside your home, a cute cup with a straw should do just nicely. We have even found some stinking cute drink floats so how can you say no to that?? 
Whatever you do, throw your swimmer on, grab one of these drinks, and have a blast outside! There is nothing like sippin’ something cold in your swimmer under the sunshine. What’s your drink of choice sitting poolside?? Do you take it in the water with you or leave it on the side? Share your answers with us below!
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