June 2017 Collaborators and Influencers

June 2017 Collaborators and Influencers - Kortni Jeane
We are oh so grateful for all of the wonderful collaborators and influencers we have the opportunity to work with! Here is a look at some collaborators we have been able to connect with over the past month.  Check our Instagram tags for even more photos! 
Chelsea Aaron // Chelsea Jean Photography // @chelsea.jean
Chanity Askins // @chan_askins
Sophia Mcgee // @model_sophia3
Joonie // gojoonie.com // @gojoonie // @ amycarlstonphoto
Lisa Hale// @thesilverstylist
Susanne Bavinck-Bender // bagatyou.com //  @bagatyou
From left to right - 
Bryce & Kenz // @harkanfilms // youtube
Macy Shanklin // @macyshanklin
Samantha Hatch// @samanthahatch_
How amazing is this shot! Can you spot our KJ swimmers wayyyyy down there?!
 Stephanie Hamer // @imstephhammer  // Stephanie Hammer Photo
Interested in collaborating with us? Shoot us an email at collabs@kortnijeane.com!


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