Best Hot Springs in Utah

Best Hot Springs in Utah - Kortni Jeane
Best Hot Springs in Utah


Spring is here and summer is near! This is the best time to head to nature’s pools for an adventure! However, we may need to wait on those adventures, due to COVID-19 safety measures. But that won’t stop us from planning our next great adventures once it is safe to enjoy public areas again! To help you plan for future adventures at the best hot springs in Utah, we’re coming at ya with our own list. Check it out! 

Crystal Hot Springs

Located in Honeyville, Utah, Crystal Hot Springs is just 30 minutes west of Logan and one of the largest natural hot springs you’ll find! These hot springs offer both cold and hot pools for swimming and soaking, which is perfect for all seasons of swimming. Luckily, the complex is usually open year-round! A pool pass is $9 for adults & $7 for kids. You can even take your puppy, as long as they’re kept on a leash. Sounds like a blast to us! 


Take Exit 372 off of I-15. Head East on Utah Highway 240. About 1 mile down Highway 240, turn left on Highway 38 and travel north for about 2 miles. Crystal Hot Springs is located on the West side of the highway. There will be signs you can follow once you get off the freeway. 

Parking is free but overnight parking violators will be towed! 

Fifth Water Hot Springs

There are several soaking pools available at Fifth Water Hot Springs, but it’ll take some effort to get there! Located in Spanish Fork, you can find three scenic waterfalls and some very nice hot springs from the Three Forks Trailhead in Diamond Fork Canyon. The water is clear and you can find varying temperatures at different spots, which sounds like a dream. The hike itself is about 4.5 miles, so it is kid friendly and perfect for walking your puppy on a leash. Throw on your favorite swimmer and some comfortable hiking shoes, cuz this spot is calling your name! 


To get to the trailhead, drive down Highway 6 East from Spanish Fork for about 11 miles to the signed Diamond Fork turnoff. Follow that Diamond Fork road for about 10 miles to the signed trailhead. From there, cross the small river and then follow the obvious trail East into the canyon. The trail is wide and well-maintained so you shouldn’t have trouble finding it. The stream and trail fork are about a mile above the trailhead. Cross the Sixth Water on the bridge and then take the trail on the right (which follows the much smaller Fifth Water Creek). Again, you’ll be on the north side of the creek and will be hiking east. You’ll find the main pools on the right below the first waterfall, which you can’t miss as you hike the trail. You’ll start to smell the sulfur as you approach the area. The hot water does contain sulfur, but otherwise is clear and pleasant. 

Please note, parking is limited in the on-site lot. Parking on the street is discouraged as parking tickets are common.  

Best Hot Springs in Utah

Meadow Hot Springs

Just south of Fillmore, Utah, Meadow Hot Springs offers three soaking areas for all your swimming needs! Unlike all the other hot springs on our list, Meadow Hot Springs is on private property, so make sure to read and obey posted signs, respect the area, and use it responsibly! You can reach these hot springs from a short half-mile hike and will be met with clear and deep pools that hold at about 100 degrees. It’s also accessible year round and dog-friendly! The owners don’t even mind if you go to scuba dive, but as always, ask that you leave no trace. Meadow Hot Springs is perfect for the whole family, just be safe and keep an eye on your little ones.  


From Salt Lake City, take I-15 South to the Meadow. Turn South on Meadow Main Street and drive through town. About 1.5 miles from the freeway, take the first right (past the last buildings) onto the dirt road. Keep an eye out for it because there is no sign! From there, drive west down this road, over the freeway. There are several turns so make sure to continue west for 4.8 miles. 

Parking will be available on the side of the road with just a short walk to reach the springs. 

The Homestead Crater (Midway Crater)

Here’s the scoop on Homestead Crater. About 10,000 years ago, melting snow on the Wasatch Mountains seeped deep into the earth. Two miles below the surface, the earth heated the water and gradually filtered it upward. Along the way, it picked up minerals and formed the volcano-shaped limestone we now call the “Homestead Crater.” At these hot springs, you can enjoy self-guided tours, for the history, geology and archaeology of the crater. And of course, you can take a tunnel through the rock wall in order to reach the soaking area and enjoy a swim. If you’re really adventurous, you can also snorkel, scuba dive, or take on standup-paddleboard yoga classes which sounds super fun! Soaking tickets are a bit more pricey here, at $16 per person, but well worth the price. Discounts are available sometimes through Homestead Resort packages, so definitely check those out if you’re going with the whole family! The crater is usually open year round but reservations are required. You can check out their website for details.

midway crater directions

From Salt Lake City, take I-80 East approximately 32 miles to Highway 40 (Heber Exit 146). From there, travel south for about 14 miles to the Midway and Wasatch Mountain State Park turnoff. There will be signs from there to lead you to the Homestead Crater. 

Parking is available and easy to find. Weekdays are less crowded and less expensive.

Best Hot Springs in Utah

Mystic Hot Springs

We’ve saved the best for last! Located off the beaten path, Mystic Hot Springs offers more than just warm and soothing pools. Who knew you could find such a unique experience in art and nature with sweet views in Monroe, Utah!  Whether you visit during the day or under the dark magic of night, these hot springs are both pools with waterfalls and vintage bathtubs, all perfect for relaxation and fun! It is so unique to see bathtubs against red rock, so we recommend getting yourself there pronto! Soaking tickets can be reserved in advance through their website. They cost $15 for adults and $7.50 for kids. The spas are open 24 hours. 


From Salt Lake City, take I-15 South to the Scipio exit (188). From there, take Highway 50 east (approximately 25 miles to I-70 West). Then take Exit 31 and turn left at the bottom of the off-ramp. Continue for 2 miles and then turn right on Highway 118 for 3-4 miles to Monroe. Turn left on 100 North, drive up the hill five blocks to the big white building at the end of the road. 

Parking is available! Prices are dependent upon how long you’d like to stay. 

Hot Springs Pro tips:

After you’re done enjoying your soothing soak in hot spring waters, make sure you thoroughly rinse your swimmer in cool water. You could also shower between dips in the pools to remove minerals, sunscreen, and sweat caught in the fabric. Many hot springs have showers nearby, but if not, just make sure to rinse off at home. 

  • Before hang drying your swimmer after rinsing it of the mineral water from the hot springs, try rolling it up in a towel and gently squeeze out excess water. This will help your swimmer hold its original shape longer and reduce the wear-and-tear on the fabric. 
  • Mind where you sit! Swimmers snag easily, especially on the bum. To avoid snags and pilling, try to always seat your bottom on a towel or smooth rocks. 
  • Bring your own towel, water shoes, and a robe if you’re up for it. It can be cold and water shoes can protect your feet! If you’re headed to hot springs that are at the end of a short hike, take comfortable walking shoes and switch them out for another pair if you’d still like to wear shoes in the water. 

We can’t wait to throw on our swimmers and head out to some hot springs, whether they’re close to home or require a whole weekend trip! However, we’ll be double checking online to see if each of these hot springs are open. Due to COVID-19, there are many temporary closures; our fingers are crossed for some reopenings in the near future. We care for the health and safety of all of you, so please respect the rules and guidelines for each of these amazing places. And don’t be discouraged if you can’t go right away! Make a goal to visit each of these hot springs and make specific plans during your down time at home. Adventures are out there, and we’ll be able to enjoy those adventures sooner than we think!  

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