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Basic Collection

Raise of hands to anyone who needs staples in their swimmer wardrobe, to balance out all our amazing patterns + colors from past lines. Now introducing: The Basic Collection! The swimmers in this collection are a MUST because they are classic styles + colors that can tie everything together for whatever adventure you’re planning next. Not quite convinced? Read on -- everyone NEEDS the Basic Collection in their closets (drawers, baskets, etc. wherever you store those swimmers). 

Basic Collection - High-Waisted bottoms
The Basic Collection has our Kortni Jeane go-to styles! If you know anyone who is new to KJ, these are the ones we refer them to. First, we have our classic High-waisted bottoms, our specialty. These bottoms cling to your natural waistline, so they won’t slip over your curves or fall down. Plus, they are as comfortable as they are flattering. Snag these bottoms to show off your figure, no matter what size or shape you are. As a bonus, High-Waisted bottoms are less likely to rub against sensitive skin, which is easily irritated from the sand and sun. You can’t go wrong with High-Waisted bottoms. Check out more benefits here: The Benefits of High-Waisted Swimsuits.
Basic Collection V-Neck top
Second, we have our favorite V-Neck top, a customer go-to. This top has thick shoulder straps, which are the best addition for added support along with the fully lined bust and shelf bra. With the flattering V neckline, this top will make sure that you stay put in the pool and can move around without worry. As an added bonus, this top is nursing friendly since you can easily slip a strap off or go underneath the peplum ruffle for nursing coverage. You read that right, this top has a peplum bottom for the perfect feminine touch to your entire look. Snag one of these tops for ultimate support and style!  
Basic Collection Swing top
Third, we have our Swing top -- another customer favorite for its fun and flowy look. Fitted with a shelf bra, this top offers coverage, comfort, and style - and it has adjustable shoulder straps, so that’s a win! Due to it’s loose outer layer and inner layer that is fitted and completely covers the bust, this top is made for bigger busts! These two layers work together to make miracles! Honestly, this top has been a customer favorite from the very beginning. Go ahead and snag one for yourself. You won’t regret it! 
Each of these styles are what many of you are looking for. We highly recommend the Basic Collection styles for support and coverage during high-impact activities like boating, waterslides, hitting the waves (or being hit by the waves), etc. You know how scary those can be! In fact, we have a collection of horror stories right here for you. The bonus is how stylish you look at the same time! All styles are available in sizes XS-XXL! 
Basic Collection colors
Let’s talk colors. As much as we love our amazing and unique patterns, we are fans of classic, minimalist, solid colors. The Basic Collection offers three of these colors in grey, navy, and green. These colors are basic and neutral colors that are perfect staples for your swimmer wardrobe. They match with everything incredibly well or are perfect for anyone who is more interested in a minimalist style. Whichever look appeals to you, each color + style is made to last with lined material that is stretchy and not see-through. 
If we could wear these swimmers every day, we would! (We’ll talk to Kortni today about making the Basic Collection our official work uniform -- and maybe some robes since it’s a bit chilly outside). Join in on the fun and snag your swimmers from the Basic Collection! It won’t be around forever so buy your favorites now
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