6 Random Things Found in Kortni's Bag

6 Random Things Found in Kortni's Bag - Kortni Jeane
Anyone else a hoarder when it comes to their bag they tote around on the daily? I would like to blame my kids but once something goes in it most likely doesn't make it out for a very long time...
You can find all kinds of random crap in my bag, yep mostly crap. But also I am prepared for almost any situation it seems (so you win some you lose some). Just have to carry bricks around on my back!
I always have snacks... Usually they are fairly "healthy" but I am pointing fingers at pregnancy that I can't resist Watermelon Sour Patch Kids... and if I keep them in my bag I don't have to share with my kids. It's like its own little hideout. I am also all about Tru Fru. They have several different kinds of fruits hyper-dried and coated in chocolate, and they are GOOD. My favs currently are the coconut and mango, yum.
Drink Mix-Ins
I like a little flavor in my water as the day goes on. I can get lots of water in the morning but the later in the day the harder it gets for me so I love to add MixHers in to get myself to keep getting the water in! The Pink Grapefruit HerGreens is the absolute best, I also enjoy all the flavors of Herhydration.
First Aid Kit
Anyone else carry around a miniature first aid kit? Once upon a time my child needed a bandaid and I was unequipped so now it's a permanent fixture in my bag, just in case. Also bandaids are a great kid distraction when needed so it's a double win!
I love to write my ideas and thoughts down as they come on paper. There is just something about it for me. I feel more organized. From to-do lists, to random ideas I jot them down as they come and refer back to later so I don't forget or miss a beat!
Kortni Jeane Gift Cards
Yep I always have these on hand when I am carrying a bag. So if anyone says hello, I have a little gift of appreciation. Just my way of spreading the love when I get to meet some of you in real life!
Lip Butter Balm
The best Lip Mask to ever touch my lips. My sister in law gave me this for my birthday and I have bought two more since I am that obsessed... and now they offer it tinted (pictured) which is fun for those days you just want a little color. Your lips will thank me if you ever give it a try!
Thank you for joining us on today’s fun post! Other things like hair ties, empty gift cards, or random stickers are also around Kortni’s car and bag. We hope you enjoyed reading about the things that Kortni carries with her. What is your most random item in your bag? 
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