5 Coolest Hot Springs in the US

5 Coolest Hot Springs in the US - Kortni Jeane
Tis the season for dips in hot springs! With fresh new swimmers ready at your fingertips you’ll be ready for any adventure. And we love a good soak in a natural pool of water! Today we’re coming at you with the five coolest hot springs in the great USA. Consider visiting these natural wonders, no matter the season.
Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
While Colorado’s big-named hot springs draw crowds, Dunton Hot Springs are a local favorite that you must visit! Not only are there six ways to soak in their water, but they’re located in a restored ghost town. Sounds spooky! 
Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon 
Right in the middle of fine Oregon scenery, get ready to soak up the wilderness in some relaxing natural water. The geothermal spring on the North Umpqua river is a great place to soak and relax. Just know that clothing is optional here so be prepared to make friends with barely-clothed strangers. Sit back, relax, and enjoy pine trees and natural rock formations. Your instagram will also love it here. 
Travertine Hot Springs, California
Say hello to the hotbed for hot springs! This warm mineral water is surrounded by soft sediment bottoms and located near the town of Bridgeport, California. Its blue water and scenic mountain views make for a heavenly experience! There will be plenty to see and eat all around the area so you’re bound to have a great time! 
Goldmyer Hot Springs, Washington
Goldmyer Hot Springs is next up on our list of 5 coolest hot springs in America. This particular hot spring is a gem of the wilderness as it’s nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Be prepared for a five mile hike to reach these waters but you’ll love the forest walk along the Snoqualmie River. These privately owned hot springs will make for a relaxing soak, so visit as soon as you can!
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska
Soak in the toasty waters and gaze at the spectacular views of Chena Hot Springs. Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, this little hot spring is the perfect place to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights. The best time to go is between September and March to ensure that you’ll see the Northern Lights and can easily find hotels nearby.
How fun do these soaking spots sound?! Warm waters in the most sublime scenic settings, sign us up! These 5 hot springs are pretty cool so be sure to put them on your list and visit them soon! What other hot springs should we add to our list? Drop your ideas in the comments below! 
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