5 Beach Hacks for Moms

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As your one stop shop for summer essentials you know Kortni Jeane LOVES the beach! But even better than a day at the beach is a day making memories with the whole family AT THE BEACH! But we know it can be a lot of work to prepare the whole gang and to keep the little ones happy. Today we’re coming at you with our favorite beach hacks for our fellow beach-loving moms! So get ready to soak in all the rays with these game-changing hacks! 
1. Bring a Toddler Pool or Shower Liner
The ocean is huge and can be problematic for toddlers and babies. That’s why our first beach hack is to bring a small blow-up pool for your little ones. Fill the pool up with the ocean water and place it under an umbrella for shade. This lets mini’s splash in the water worry-free! You can also invest in a cheap shower liner/curtain, dig a slight hole in the sand, lay the liner down flat like a blanket, and then fill that with water. It’s a cheap way to create a little beach pool for your littles and you can throw it away when you’re done
{or rinse it off for another day}.
2. Bring Spray Bottles
Whether it’s a fancy one with a fan or a regular mister, spray bottles are great for misting your kids and keeping them cool. This is especially perfect for your kiddos when they are so busy building sand castles or if the water is too cold for them. And the ones with fans are a game changer! You can also freeze water bottles the night before so you have cold water to mist or drink at the beach!
3. Invest in a Tent
As long as it’s easy to set up, tents are necessary for doing the beach with younger kids. It’s the perfect place for breaks, small toddler pools, or a picnic out of the sun. These also allow your little ones to nap without getting too hot under the sunshine. If you’ve been uncertain about investing in a tent,
dive right in with some hot deals online. 
4. Pack Individual Snacks
Say goodbye to large family sized bags at the beach! Whether you’re packing them into small bags yourself or investing in pre-packaged foods, save the food from sand by packing them individually. Nothing is worse than when a mini puts their sandy hands into a large snack bag. So buy those family bags and divide them up into individual servings prior to beach time so the kids
who don’t worry about eating sand can have a field day. 
5. Bucket of Water for Hand Washing
Speaking of sandy hands, ensure that sand stays off your blankets, clothes, and snacks with a bucket of water! With minis that are always playing in the sand it can be hard to get those hands clean. Just fill up a few buckets of water and let the kids rinse their hands before sitting down to change, eat a snack, or reapply sunscreen. It’s an easy way to keep things clean.
Pro tip: use water you bring with you so it’s not salty! 
These are just a few of the many beach hacks available for all beach loving moms! What are some of your favorite beach hacks? We’re always looking for ingenious ways to make beach life with our kiddos even more worry-free! If you’ve got them, drop them below!
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