4 Things I've Learned in 4 Years of Business

4 Things I've Learned in 4 Years of Business - Kortni Jeane

It just so happens that our #GirlBoss post is landing on the last day of our Birthday Week! It's been an amazing week and an even more amazing four years! With Birthday Week winding down, I'm left reflecting back on my last four years and all that I've learned.


Here are the top 4 things that I've learned in the first four years of Kortni Jeane:

1. Value your time.

“Let me take you to lunch and pick your brain”... Do you think my time is worth a $10 lunch?? Don’t get me wrong I am all about helping other people start their own businesses. Even more so I love meeting with other small businesses to discuss what’s working, what we are doing and bouncing off ideas with each other. But you never think about how many people ask you for your time and how much time you’ll end up spending on other people’s businesses instead of your own. I have had to learn to value my time better and learn to say no. It’s important to value and prioritize your time to how you want to live your life and what needs to happen.

2. Stay creative.

    Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my business I don’t take the time to slow down and rejuvenate. As Kortni Jeane continues to grow my business actually needs me more and more (you’d think the opposite). I get stuck in ruts and when decisions need to be made I have a hard time settling. I often have to remind myself to get out from behind the computer and do things to get my creative juices flowing. Whether that is meeting a friend for lunch, traveling or trying something new allow yourself to take time to expand your mind. After all, how did you get to where you are today?...

    3. Answer to yourself, "why?"

      My husband and I wanted to create a lifestyle that was best for our family. So the risks and long hours are worth every second to get us to that place we want to be. There were safer paths to take, even simpler, but we decided we didn’t just want to have an OK life, we had (have) dreams. This doesn’t come without the constant discuss of why do we do what we do. I have learned that it is important to talk about the why behind the things you do, as you grow these things may change or develop. You need to remind yourself of the purpose or things don’t seem as ideal as they used to.

      4. Accept help.

      You wear many hats as a start-up. You are the creative team, customer service rep, shipping manager, production assistant, designer, coordinator. You name it and that’s your title. You go through every little thing and figure out the best way for you to get it all accomplished. You know best when it comes to your business. And then you get to a point where you can’t do it all anymore if you want to grow so you start looking for help. It is SO hard to accept help when you know how you do things the right way for your company. Let people in, give them responsibilities and allow your business to grow. This is something I am still working on.

      Thank you for all of the love and support each of you have given to Kortni Jeane these last 4 years. We wouldn't be here without you! 



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