2 Swimmers, 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection

2 Swimmers, 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection - Kortni Jeane
2 Swimmers 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection gif
2 Swimmers 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection
It's time to mix n' match with 2 Swimmers 4 Ways! The Limitless Collection really does have LIMITLESS options, so these combos show you just a few of the hundreds of options so you can make the most of your swimsuits. Let's dive into how to make 2 swimmer sets into 4 completely unique swimsuits!
2 Swimmers 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection
Ribbed White + Tulips
Alexis rocked our Swing top in Ribbed White with the Flower Cutout bottoms in Tulip. The White Swing top has two layers of fabric, one loose over the top and one fitted underneath, so you won't have to worry about this top revealing anything while you're swimming. This is one of our #1 recommended swimsuits for larger busts, so check out more details about this top as well as other similar ones in our blog post on Best Swimsuit Styles for Large Busts. The Ribbed White Swing top paired with the Tulip print is bright and playful, and we're loving the color pop! Best of all, these bottoms play with flowers on flowers. With the flower cut out and the Tulips pattern you definitely get your floral fix!
2 Swimmers 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection
Ribbed White + Classic Cheetah
Simply switch out those bottoms for Classic Cheetah Cascade bottoms and you've got one of 2019's greatest trends. Both white swimsuits and animal print are huge trends this season (and one of Kortni's personal favorite combos), so pairing these two together is an automatic win! The bonus of having a white swimmer top is that you can pair it with anything and everything, so go wild! These Cascade bottoms are simple yet flattering, with a ruffle sewn down the side of the front to draw the eye and add a feminine touch. The Classic Cheetah is also flattering on everyone we see, so we truly believe everyone should have a cheetah swimmer in their wardrobe.
2 Swimmers 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection
Butterfly + Classic Cheetah
Cheetah and Butterfly?!? 😍 Now we're talking! This swimmer is a head turner. Those butterflies have that hint of brown and white butterflies scattered throughout the pattern that pair perfectly with the cheetah print. Plus, this Ruffled Around top can be worn four different ways, so this swimmer can be adapted to whatever style suits you that day! Here Alexis is wearing it Off the Shoulder for a trendy look. Want more pattern on pattern mixes? Keep reading! 👇🏻
2 Swimmers 4 Ways: The Limitless Collection
Butterfly + TulipsYou can't help but be happy looking at this combo! Alexis is sporting the Ruffled Around top in Butterfly with the Flower Cutout bottoms in Tulips. It's one of our brightest combos from this collection, so if you love reds, pinks, + yellows this suit is calling to you! We want you to be brave, bold, and wear whatever swimmer makes you smile! 
If you're looking for even more mix n' match combos from The Limitless Collection, we have a special look into our team's favorite swimmers in our #getdressedwithKJ segment, so check it out for pattern mixing ideas, fit guide tips, and much more! Plus, for other swimsuit patterns we have all of our past 2 Swimmers 4 Ways to help you mix n' match like a pro! Until next time, happy mix n' matching!
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    I’m looking for a butterfly swim suite I know they were a late last year piece just wondering if it’s making a come back 🙏 thank you

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