Disney Mania!

Disney hit Kortni Jeane...or should we say Kortni Jeane hit Disney?! Either way we just did the FUNNEST shoot totally based on Disney movies. We got tons of super cute pictures, and of course we have to share them with you! 
The woman who makes the magic happen, Miss Kortni Jeane, is our company's Walt Disney. She said, "My parents love Disney! Our entire basement is decked out in Disney stuff. I am not kidding you, one of the walls is shaped like Mickey's head. We try to go to Disneyland every year, and it's just magical. They pay attention to every detail and go to the extreme to make everything special." Here at KJ we try to do the same thing for you -- we pay attention to every swimsuit from the second it's designed until it's finally in your hands so that it is magical and special. 
People ask us all the time if we are going to bring back anything we've done in the past. Most of the time we answer no because we try to make each swimmer unique. We offer different patterns for limited time so that what you get is truly your own, making it magical! 
In these next couple of days you will see swimmers from the past and swimmers that are currently being sold online. We love that the old goes with the new, and that the new goes with the old. It's so fun that a top or bottom paired with a newer piece can become a whole new swimmer. 
Of course, we have to give a HUGE shoutout to the wonderful Bailey Dalton, who took all these wonderful pictures. These posts could not happen without the beautiful work of this fun-loving photographer. We highly recommend checking out her website, Bailey Dalton Photo.
Here's a sneak peak of what's coming your way the next few days...it's DISNEY MANIA!
The Princesses. 
Sebastian and Flounder. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. 
The Lost Boys. 
Dalmatian. The Villains. 
Who isn't in this picture is the better question! And there are plenty more to come. Stay tuned...it's DISNEY MANIA! 
KJ Team 

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