Golden Hour

We are swooning over these gorgeous pictures by Breea Gutter while we sit in an office with snow falling outside. We wish we were either at this beach or back with our Arizona babes that we got to meet this last weekend! We were so excited to sell so many swimmers to all of you especially the ones that woke up at 4 a.m. to hop in line and all the people that waited in the 3 HOUR line to buy the cutest swimmers around! The trip went better than we could ever imagine and its all thanks to you guys! Everyday we're stunned with the love you all show us and just remember we would never be where we are without you. So here's to you! The best customers and better groupies than T-Swift's. 



But really, I don't think I'll get over these pictures for a long long time. So in love.

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  • Hannah says...

    Do you sell these style swim tops??i thought I saw them on the website a few days ago but not now!

    February 17, 2016

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