Summer Hair, Don't Care

If we are all being honest, our hair goes through a lot during the summer months. Harsh chemicals, sun, and breakage to name a few. At Kortni Jeane, our go to is easy, fast, and cute hairstyles that will keep your gorgeous locks looking healthy and trendy all summer long, without all the hassle. 
Here are a few of our favorite easy summer styles that you can do all on your own! Trust us, your hair will thank you! 
We love this edgy double braid and love it even more pulled apart and messy looking!
The trick here is to braid towards your face, not away from it. That way you don't get the awkward bump at the base of your braid. 
For this one the spinny pins are a must! They hold your whole bun in so you don't have to use 20 regular bobby pins, which we love. 
Happy styling! 
KJ Team


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